15 People On What Their Reason To Live Is

I stumbled upon a SoulPancake discussion that I found to be beautiful and universally relatable. The site, of course, discusses all kinds of incredible topics but the responses to the question: What is your reason to live? really resonated with me, and I hope you agree:

I have a story to tell, I think we all do, and we have to find our own way to tell it. That’s our reason, to live our individual lives, in whatever roles we play, and sharing your story, your point of view, is your reason to live. So someone else might benefit from it. Your reason to live is to live, really, you have a life and the only thing to do with it is live it. I don’t think there has to be a purpose. -Dot525
To make others smile and experience and appreciate the little, simple things in life. -Littlebearr
Laugh. Smile. Love. Live. Give. Eat taqueria tacos. Boom! -Wazimofnazareth
My reason is to seek the new and un-sought after. As I grow and grow up, I try to surround myself with new things and new people, and gain experience to help me out with my future endeavors. But don’t get me wrong, my life is not about being prepared… it’s simply growth in every aspect of the word. -Laurenlee

Your reason to live should be very much like your reason to listen to music. Think about it, what do you get from listening to music? On a superficial level, I mean. Nothing. It really makes no difference what you listen to or if you listen to anything at all. But why not listen, and why not listen to something that moves you, that stirs your soul and makes you want to listen on repeat all day, every day? Life, like music, is what you make it. It can be as shallow and bland and you want or as passionate and inspiring as you want it to be. Also, like music, when you get really good headphones, the kind that are used for music production you can hear every part of the song, every instrument and you can even hear where in relation to your ears the instrument is at. This a lot would say isn’t necessary to listen to music, but once you learn to appreciate all the elements of music you appreciate music more than you ever thought possible. Same goes for life, when you stop overlooking the smaller elements and really tune in to what it has to offer: nature, human connections, animals, love, passion, etc. you appreciate it more than you ever thought possible. -Lanefelibata

My reason to live? Simple.. People thought I was dead…I proved ’em wrong -The_Drifter
Living to make others happy, in return, brings happiness to yourself. Seeing that smile on a kids face after you give him the Christmas present he has ever received. Listening to a homeless man talk about his life, knowing that someone cares enough to take the time to talk to him. Falling in love with a beautiful woman (or man depending on preference) and doing all you can everyday to make their life a fairy tale… All we can do is all we are capable of doing, and if we are capable of doing something that is not only satisfying someone else, but also self-gratifying, why wouldn’t you do it? -Chrismoorehead
To finish my obligations then make one new, permanent, and pleasant obligation of finding happiness. -Serpentine00
It beats the alternative. -Mamajoy
My reason for physical life, is to learn how to become alive spiritually; and then become a daily interactive part of the spiritual force of life that is found all around us. Meeting others and developing webs of participation with them is just a part of it. Consider the planet and the other lifeforms we share it with. And consider that there may be forces and energies of life out there that our science to date can gain precious little traction on. Childhood is a wonderful exercise in learning that one can participate and interact . . . in things they as-of-yet to not fully understand. And one of the things that robs many adults of their joy of life . . . is believing the lie that they have to fully understand something or a process before they can explore and interact with it. -Griz2
To find a valid reason not to. -Slugtoes32
To create and nurture new life for this beautiful earth. -Miccchhelle
I live, because I’m alive. I didn’t have anything to do with it. I grow, and learn, and strive to understand all that I’m capable of comprehending. I participate, and interact, so that I can contribute toward the unity of being that is all of us. Humankind. My art is engineering. My joy is all natural things. My goal is zero environmental impact. Elegant simplicity -1more
I don’t think that we have to know our reason to live. As long as we have a reason to wake up. The people around us will determine what we were placed on this earth for the specifies to their life. -Kimbuggy
Make connections, love, treat the earth well and hope that through our efforts the outcome is less trash, more conservation, and healthier inhabitants. Sounds like a utopia but were magical creatures. This is so possible -ZenBenignx
I think my ultimate reason to live is to live in the moment. No expectations in life and take whatever life throws at me slowly and carefully. Moreover, with all the experiences, I write all the good and bad from it and one fine day, when i’m old, Ill pass my journals to random youngsters to learn from my mistakes and my achievements. -Ashwii

I live to experience life and learn as much as I can while I’m here. I live to influence and inspire others (I hope) and to give what I can from my heart (this gives me a rush). I live to share what I’ve learned over the years with others and help them not feel so alone when the chips are down.

I live for snowy days where I’m snuggled up nice and warm with a soft blanket, a book, and the dog. I live for perfect sunsets peaking over the hills in crimson collors that I see in the back of my house and also to see the perfect storms in the distant hills with lightning bolts piercing the dark sky like fiery swords. I live to read the next Stephen King book and the next Harry Potter book (if it ever happens). I live to travel to exotic places like Hawaii, Italy, the Bahamas, Fiji Islands. I live to see the Redwood Forest and the Grand Canyon. I live to drink coffee, eat cheesecake, and pizza. I live to walk in the woods in the springtime when it feels like faeries are watching. I live to have amazing conversations with my kids. I live to fall asleep with the sliding doors open, so I can feel the cool breeze caressing me and the soft, velux blanket beneath me, and smell the scent of wildflowers and hear the sounds of peepers as they sing me to sleep-only to be awakened in the morning to songbirds and morning doves. I live to dance and sing lovely melodies and share my voice with others. I live to make others smile and laugh. I live to win the lottery. -Sageisafairy

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