15 Minimum Effort Self Care Tips For A Busy Day

100 Little Things Worth Being Happy About

1. Your favorite t-shirt.

2. Your favorite show’s newest season being on Netflix.

3. Your favorite coffee in the morning.

4. Looking out the window while riding the train.

5. Watching a Disney movie.

6. A cold shower on a hot day.

7. Being able to inspire yourself.

8. The feeling you get when you relax your shoulders and realize how tense you were.

9. Fresh flowers and candles in your apartment.

10. Lazy Sundays.

11. Planning a trip.

12. Taking a day off work.

13. A nap when you really need one.

14. Receiving a letter in the mail.

15. Finding something you love on sale.

16. City lights on the street after it rained.

17. Checking things off your to-do list.

18. Your favorite song coming on the radio.

19. Feeling comfortable with someone.

20. Going out to dinner with someone you love.

21. Painting.

22. A fire in your backyard at night during the summer.

23. Finally having a job you love.

24. Or at least, knowing what job you’d love to have.

25. Cooking with the windows open.

26. Listening to rain as you fall asleep.

27. A book you can’t put down.

28. The package you’ve been waiting for finally arriving.

29. Sitting back and enjoying the day, just because.

30. Feeling comfortable in your skin.

31. When an old friend texts you to see how you are.

32. The feeling you get after a workout.

33. Loving someone more than you can explain.

34. Treating yourself to room service.

35. A fast food run when you’re really craving it.

36. The smell of a bookstore.

37. New school supplies.

38. When they’re waiting for you at the train station.

39. Warm towels.

40. The way sunlight shines through trees.

41. That very often, situations work themselves out.

42. Tea and your favorite Pandora station.

43. Scrolling through Tumblr and seeing pictures that inspire you.

44. Finding money you forgot about.

45. Getting a massage.

46. Writing down one thing you are grateful for everyday.

47. Growing plants or flowers.

48. Genuinely feeling happy for someone else.

49. Apologizing and resolving an issue with someone.

50. The feeling you get when you know a terrible time is over.

51. When things aren’t logical, but you have faith anyway.

52. Seeing something you did truly affect someone (in a good way).

53. Planning a party.

54. Waking up to sunshine on your face.

55. Leaving the windows open all day.

56. The feeling you get after you get out and walk around a bit.

57. Buying a journal and actually having something to write in it.

58. Mornings when you truly got enough sleep.

59. Payday.

60. The fact that you can start again tomorrow.

61. Candlelight.

62. Realizing it’s 5 p.m. before you even know it.

63. Freeze pops.

64. The smell of saltwater while reading at the beach.

65. Making a new friend.

66. Proving someone wrong.

67. Proving yourself wrong.

68. Saying goodbye to someone who does nothing but hurt you.

69. Finally standing up for yourself.

70. A long walk in a beautiful park.

71. The moment you realize you got over something you thought you couldn’t.

72. Having what you need at the exact moment you need it.

73. New shoes that fit perfectly.

74. Having technology on your side (as in, having things like a GPS).

75. The realization that this too shall pass.

76. Truly, genuinely and completely not caring what other people think.

77. When you finally answer something you’ve been laboring over.

78. Big, tight hugs that make you feel wanted and loved.

79. Seeing someone go out of their way to do something for you.

80. Any kind of baby animal, especially when it’s yours.

81. Finding a religious practice that truly works for you.

82. The day you decide to live your life for yourself, and only yourself.

83. Hearing kids making each other laugh.

84. Writing lists.

85. Whatever it is your looking forward to doing tonight.

86. Getting a random package in the mail.

87. A sip of wine at the end of a long day.

88. When someone tells you it’s going to be okay and you actually believe them.

89. Putting the pieces of your past together and seeing serendipity in it all.

90. Being able to speak in another language.

91. Being on a date that’s going really, really well.

92. When someone surprises you with your favorite thing.

93. When kids draw pictures for you.

94. Realizing you are better than what you left behind.

95. The smell of fresh air after having been in an office all day.

96. The window seat.

97. Doing what you thought to be impossible.

98. Standing on the beach and letting the waves hit your legs and recess.

99. Finding your favorite pen, or a bobby pin when you need it.

100. Realizing the person you love, loves you back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark