Everything is feedback

Everything In Your Life Is Feedback

The universe is continuously morphing in compilations of our own creation mixed with the creations of others (other people, a higher being, whatever you believe). This accounts for the discord and harmony we are perpetually affected by. The challenge it poses is being able to find the equilibrium between being adamant and determined with your own journey and manifestation while also being conscious and nonresistant to the moments of discord that come in the interim.

It is the root of our conflict and suffering, but also of the most incredible creation and experience we have. We are cultures and a people because we have been able to co-create for so long, and whether you believe so or not, we are responsible, at least partially, for all that is. I am speaking literally, but I also mean metaphysically. Thoughts are wavelengths, just the same as tangible wavelengths such as voice is– it’s just that we can physically experience the latter. Thoughts are also vibrational frequencies, much like all other matter. Without a physical presence, the physical around us wouldn’t exist. Wavelengths need to be touched by something to be comprehensible. Essentially, we are spiritual beings in a physical world, adapting to the needs that our souls require to grow.

What’s more is that just as your life is within your control (even the aspects you think are the furthest from it) you must realize that everything has meaning and nothing is by chance. Signs and messages are surrounding you, you’re just not paying attention. If I may be so bold as to declare my belief in a higher being, (although I do respect that others opinions may vary), I think that said being is intertwining with your greater spirit and energy and assisting through the process of growth and the journey of discovery. There is a meaning behind every single thing that happens in your life. Everything is a sign or message, and everybody is a messenger. My dad used to tell me growing up: “everything is feedback.” It is. Everything in your life you have brought to it, and I know it would seem ridiculous that you could ever bring forth tragedy and misery into your life, but you have and it’s absolutely crucial that you realize this. Your life changes the day you decide it should. You are happy the day you decide you will be, or that you will take the necessary steps to facilitate it.

You must let go of your physical, egotistical understanding of yourself, and replace it with the idea that you are just being. When you can tune into the stillness and calmness inside you, you can release yourself of your need to create yourself, and you can trust the greater that understands. Your mind is nothing but electric currents zapping back and forth making sure you keep breathing, your heart keeps going and you are staying alive. It does not have the capability to process things that are of the spiritual nature like the heart and soul can. Because real creation isn’t just in what we mindlessly do and think about, it’s what we feel and embrace and perpetuate with all of our senses. Yes, thoughts create, but feelings? They’re responsible for the life you live even now.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark