Just So You Know, Where You Are In Life Does Not Define Who You Are

Just So You Know, Where You Are In Life Does Not Define Who You Are
Joshua Rawson Harris

You are human, a human being who is still growing and evolving into who you need to be, and where you are in life should not determine your worth.

Take it from someone who doesn’t work, is only taking one course in school, and battles depression. The road has not been easy. It’s been filled with loneliness, heartache, and a change in perception on life itself. It has scared the shit out of me. It has been a relentless, hard, unfair journey that I never imagined I would travel.

But through this experience, I can say that you need to stop defining yourself by your status and treat each blessing that has been given to you as something you were privileged to be awarded, and something that you deserve. Because nothing is promised.

Your beauty can fade; your degree can be snatched from you in a second due to circumstance. Your job could fail and that perfect life you have decided to build for yourself may just crumble in front of your eyes.

This isn’t a post of pessimism and I don’t mean to burst your bubble whatsoever. You deserve to be happy and to bask in where you are in life, but always remember to be humble and know that even though you may not be where you imagined you would be right now, you still have value. Your inherent value, just by the breath that has not left you.

Just because you aren’t glowing on Instagram and everyone is at your beck and call, does not mean that you are not important. I say this with a small smile, because we are a generation filled with the need to update our statuses more than we do the states of our mind, our peace, our health, because we gain our worth from how our social media profiles look and how many people like and comment. And if we don’t receive that praise, we deem ourselves as invisible.

But, my love, people go through some real life, scary, and traumatic shit every day. It’s time we be grateful and put into perspective that every single thing we have, can be taken from us in an instance. So do not become a slave to who you think you need to be. Stop being bitter over that girl who looks perfect, even though you have no clue what the fuck she is really going through. Stop buying in to this rat race we have created for ourselves.

Yes, an engagement is amazing and a graduation photo with all your achievements is great, but if you aren’t there yet, that doesn’t mean you are any less valuable than the next person.

Your perception of who you are can change drastically when you believe that you are untouchable, so that when shit does happen, you fall and you feel broken.

You may become numb and suddenly do not know what to do with yourself. But you are human, a breath, a part of life. You are a being who isn’t superman or superwoman. So, you are allowed to cry.

You are allowed to question God on why the fuck things have happened in your life, because you have that right. You are allowed to wonder why the path you set up for yourself now seems unreachable due to circumstance.

You allowed to bitch and moan for a bit and get all your anger out on paper, because you are human and your feelings, your life experiences are valid.

Status does matter, where you are in life does matter, because we all want to have a sense of stability. Status has defined a huge part of my life, but I can tell you now that it is fleeting.

Life is fleeting, short, and can be taken from any one of us in a minute.

Where you are isn’t a determinant of your worth.

You are worth it, because you are alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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