22 Little Life Reminders We All Need To Remember

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1. Being on time is so important; it’s not always about you.

2. You are going to have some embarrassing moments, but it will make you stronger.

3. You may not be where you want to be by at certain age, so just go with the flow.

4. Stop expecting everyone to like you.

5. Social media breaks are needed.

6. Nobody’s life is perfect and your friends are going through the same thing.

7. Believe in yourself and be your own cheerleader. Not everyone is going to root for you.

8. You are different for a reason; to fulfill the purpose for your life.

9. The world is cold, but don’t let it harden your heart.

10. There is no specific timeline for milestones; go at your own pace.

11. People may get jealous of you, but don’t let them dim your shine.

12. What you wear matters.

13. You are going to make some mistakes, but slowly you will get over it.

14. Comparing yourself to others will happen, but try and control it. It just robs you of your happiness.

15. Loving yourself before anyone can love you is so important.

16. Spending time alone isn’t praised enough; you can really learn a lot about yourself.

17. People will let you down, but learn and move on from it.

18. You will grow apart from your friends, but that doesn’t mean the friendship lacks value.

19. Your grades don’t define you; you are still intelligent.

20. Stop being so hard on yourself.

21. People aren’t judging you as much as you think.

22. Your life has purpose even if you aren’t where you want to be yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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