14 People Described Something That Happened To Them That They Still Can’t Explain, And Their Stories Are CREEPY



When I was 12 our household helper went on a month long vacation. We hired a temporary helper, she was about 18 or so, from one of the provinces outside of Manila. She was a quiet girl, and we got along well.

This was around summertime, I was an antisocial kid and chose to stay indoors most of the time so I’d hang out with her while she was working.

One day she told me she had this secret power. She could read minds. I wouldn’t believe her so she told me “fine. Take some paper and write something on it. I’ll stay in the next room and shout it out. You’ll see. ”

First I wrote my crush’s name. “HAHA! Who the hell is Jon??” Ok that was freaky but hey maybe she read my diary. That jerk.

Then I wrote that I don’t believe her.

“You’re silly! Try it again!!”

That scared me. I didn’t want to play anymore. I pretended to scribble, then tore the piece of paper, wadded it up and threw it outside the window. Yelled at her saying ” You’re so good! What did I write now??”

I heard the door open and turned around. She didn’t come in but was staring at me from the doorway.

“Why didn’t you write anything? Let’s play again”

I noped out of there. Kept my distance for the rest of the summer. She did the same.

18 years later and that still creeps me out.




I was four years old, sitting in my kitchen while my mom was making food. Out of nowhere, I said out loud, “I have to do school again.” I distinctly remember being bummed out that I had to do the whole k-12 process again.



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