10 Terrible Movies That Are Totally Awesome

2. Total Recall (1990)

Despite basically being one long chase scene, Total Recall is definitely a seminal terrible, totally awesome movie. Fresh-faced Arnie Schwarzenegger plays the bright-eyed protagonist, a regular future-joe who just wants to take a brain vacation. Things, predictably, go wrong when he gets over to the colony on Mars, but it’s all so terribly, terribly awesome. Among other scenes, Total Recall features: a woman with three breasts (and someone cupping them while making a shit-eating grin), a small, grotesque man that bursts out of a large man in a spray of gore, and Schwarzennegger’s eyeballs popping out of his face (his face turns into some kind of animatronics model at one point, to handle the special effects).


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  • Oliver Miller


  • MA

    Waterworld should be added to this. Is anyone else with me!? Anyone? Anyone?

  • EB

    Wicker Man is by far my favorite bad movie of all time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/duncan.cumming1 Duncan Cumming

      the original or the remake?

  • ryan chang

    when i read the tile i immediately thought 'triple-boobed, arnold schwarzenegger fest'

  • http://twitter.com/lukebourassa Luke Bourassa

    “Stop eating my SESAME CAKE!”

    “Get yo ass to Mars…”

  • Rachel B

    Come on, no Labyrinth? Fantastically terrible movie.

  • Hugparty

    Beastmaster II. Full of win/fail.

    • http://www.coinoperatedgirl.net Crystal

      I was hoping to see that on the list too!

  • http://heheheheheheheeheheheehehe.com/ tao

    congo ass

  • http://entropicalia.wordpress.com Alison

    Oh man. The Cutting Edge was one of my absolute favorite movies when I was a kid. My brother gave me a copy on DVD last Christmas just to make fun of me for it. Must say. Still kinda like it.

    • http://www.twitter.com/lorianlong lorian long

      seems like a lot of female friendships are based on a shared love for the cutting edge. you've got the wrong trailer, but it's good to know there's a terrible remake of a terrible film. 'chasing the dream'

      • http://entropicalia.wordpress.com Alison

        Huh I can't say I've had a connection with anyone over The Cutting Edge, male or female. Usually its just blank stares or “you are kidding, right?” So I will take this opportunity to say TOOOOOEEEEEEPIIICCCKKK. The end.

      • http://www.twitter.com/lorianlong lorian long

        oops meant to say 'a lot of my female friendships.' 'fingerpainting?'

  • freddy

    Total Recall, Dead Alive and Death Race 2000 are great movies. Sometimes I feel like I sincerely like a lot of stuff other people only like ironically. I don't get it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GOFHPB6YP6P6NEC4ZVEU2H2B2Q RaiderHays

    My pitch for a terrible movie that is awesome…???

    Heavy Metal!!!  Great soundtrack… visually? it's just ok animation… Storyline is weak. But it is a terrible and AWESOME movie!

  • Steveness

    How about Terrible Lists by the Bored and Clueless?

  • Sofia

    You NEED to include The Fifth Element.

  • tommy wiseau

    man you forgot the room

  • Bone

    was crossing my fingers so hard for RUSH HOUR but damn


  • JoeyMartin

    kuato is fucked up

  • http://profiles.google.com/mopeyprincess mopey P

    Why do I have to click so much??

  • Guest


  • Uhnonnymus

    I stopped reading after Total Recall because  that movie is only bad if you have no taste and I don't feel like clicking through 8 more pages of nonsense.

  • yellowflower

    Avatar=Pocohantas. In space.

  • ror1

    What a strange article.  I think, I assume, a pretty effective satire of dreadfully glib movie reviews that are based almost exclusively on cutesy irony and sarcasm + manufactured nostalgia.  Great work.

  • http://twitter.com/Sscottie Scott Lewis

    anything with Sharon Stone

  • http://twitter.com/andshewasnt genna mae

    Where is Steven Seagal on this list? He's the king of terrible/awesome movies. Proof: Marked for Death.

  • http://iconography.tumblr.com/ Richaod

    The Room. Enough said.

  • sulj

    jurassic park!  dino snot on that poor girl, shaving cream cans full of dragon embryos, indiana jones look alike…. not even a question.

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