10 Albums For Depressed People

1. The Cure, Seventeen Seconds (1980)

The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds (1980) was the goth band’s second studio album. Its minimal, drum driven tracks and excruciating, faraway vocals about love, loneliness and loss are the perfect companion for the point in your night where you’re feeling the high of alcohol and the beauty of isolation. Lead singer Robert Smith’s vocals in Seventeen Seconds are overwhelmingly distant and sonic, and express a hard, highly relatable sort of sadness that hurts to listen to. The lyrics are similarly depressing. From the track featured here, “In Your House” (lyrics in their entirety):

I play at night in your house
I live another life
Pretending to swim
In your house
I change the time in your house
The hours I take
Go so slow …

I hear no sound in your house
In the empty rooms
I drown at night in your house
Pretending to swim
Pretending to swim

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