31 People Reveal The One Thing They Would Ask For If They Were Granted A Single Wish

Aladdin (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Aladdin (Two-Disc Special Edition)

I asked some of my friends what their more ‘non-traditional’ wishes would be if they were able to have their wishes granted.  Of course everyone wants more wishes and all the money in the world, but I wanted to know some of the quirkier or ‘out of the box’ wishes.  I was not disappointed. Here are a few of their answers:

1. A noise canceling button, so when I sit down to watch my ONE TV show that I watch all week my kids can still play and be around but I can still watch in peace. That’s ALWAYS when they want to talk the most…. It’s just one show!

2. More time to visit the ones I love that live further away.

3. To have the powers of Maleficent, Ursula and the Wicked Queen!!!

4. I wish all spiders would just die. There’s no use for them.

5. I’d wish that people had the ability to see how big decisions that they made affected the many, not just the few. I wish everyone who was cold in the winter had sufficient coats. I wish no one hated anyone else.

6. 1) I wish that I could find a dog food that didn’t make Luna fart so badly that it takes my breath away every five minutes.
2) That money really did grow on trees, but that I was the only human that had said trees – as not to mess with the current economic balance or induce mass inflation.
3) That my kids had the ability to understand that “look”… the one I’ve been giving for 6 years that means “stop while you’re ahead”….

7. Portal gun.  *WORKING Portal gun.

8. I would wish that I loved exercise as much as I love chili dogs.

9. I wish more people would be aware of their surroundings and have more empathy.

10. I want a third arm growing out of my belly!

11. One of my wishes would be to have the ability to speak and understand any language I came across. I’ve always thought that would be super cool!!

12. The ability to replay any event in my life and see what it would be like if I did things differently

13. Always be 100% healthy

14. That blue race car go-kart I really wanted when I was 6.

15. I wish I could resurrect people…….so I could kill people who pissed me off and bring them back to life……did you just spoil Game of Thrones for me……DIE!!!!!!! Nah just kidding……DIE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. My wish would be the ability to stop time completely, and do whatever I want to all the humans frozen in place. The possibilities are endless. You could swap everyone’s clothes with one another. You could pick up people you don’t like and take them across the nation and leave them in a dumpster. You could find your favorite celebrity and put them in your house. I could go on forever.

17. Charlie Hunnam any time I wanted him.

18. Hmm, I think I would also wish that there were no longer any consequences for anything in my life. I wish I could spend my entire paycheck solely on confetti and party hats. I would also hack off my own feet and stuff them with candy then throw them into passing cars while yelling, “My feet will grow back, but your trauma is FOREVER!” as they swerve off the road. Then I would call into work and tell them I can’t come in until my feet grow back, and text pictures of my stumps to my boss so I can have the 4th of July weekend off.

19. I’m wishing that the Doctor was real and I got to take off with him in the TARDIS. And I’ll pocket the third wish for when death is imminent in some far time and place of the Universe.

20. Spoiler earmuffs that selectively block spoilers while letting normal sounds through. In a variety of colors for accessorizing, of course.

21. To be able to look at a tread mill and lose weight.

22. To have a sort of “on-demand” Groundhog Day ability to redo something and see the effects (multiple times, if necessary), then decide which outcome I liked and move on from there.

23. I would like to go back in time to this morning and talk myself out of wearing these shoes.

24. I would like a third cat who’s capable of cleaning up after my first two cats.

25. To be 3″ taller. It would improve my whole life.

26. To be 21 again and know what I know now.

28. That everyone’s favorite foods were somehow biologically linked to keeping them in optimal health and all the foods they dislike would be bad for them. So my doctor, for example, would be telling me that I needed to somehow fit even more cheese fries into my diet and that, now that I’m getting older, I should probably be putting extra butter on my nightly popcorn.

29. Boobs that sit where they’re supposed to! Because after 2 kids, they fall to my bellybutton AS SOON AS I take my bra off! I want them to be like “high school perky” again! Shallow: YES, True: YEP!!!!

30. Teleportation, time travel, and the desire to live a healthy life style.

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