If You Love Him Next, Promise Me That You Will Love Him Right

If you love him next, promise me that you will love him right.

Sometimes he has bad dreams, and after them he often can’t get back to sleep. Fluff a pillow in your hands, put it behind your back. Sit up. Scratch his back, kiss his neck. Tell him that he is safe. Tell him that you’re there. Always be there.

He enjoys lazy mornings in bed. You will laugh together the most in those moments. He will rise with a silliness inside of his chest, he will wrestle you in white sheets. Run your fingers through his hair when you wake up beside him. Don’t rush dawn with him. Don’t run out the door without kissing him goodbye. Don’t lose sight of the smallest things he does for you. Don’t take him for granted. Never take him for granted.

He tends to overthink. He gets quiet when he does, you will feel a shift in the air. Don’t shut down when this happens, don’t walk away when you know that he is hurting. Sit with him and talk to him. Have patience with his restless mind. Be there for him, let him speak up, let him express himself. All you have to do is listen. Always listen.

Make him laugh, it is the most beautiful sight. Lift your skirt up in parks and antique shops and watch him blush. Grab his hands in the street and dance with him. Make him breakfast in bed. Kiss him in front of all of your friends. Wear your love happily, let it shine through your eyes, let everyone know that he is the one who enlivened you. Be proud of him, be thankful for what he inspired within you.

If you love him next, just promise me that you will treat him right. That you will never go to bed angry at him, that you will always fight for him, because he is incredible. His capacity to love is extraordinary, it will make you want to be a better woman, it will motivate your very soul. Promise me that you will never lose sight of this.

If you love him next, promise me that you will take care of him, that you will nurture his curiosity, that you will encourage his very heart. Promise me that you will appreciate his mind, that you will love every flaw he wears like an apology, every hurt he has knotted to his ribcage. Promise me that you will choose him, no matter what — that you will endure for him. Promise me that you will love him like I was unable to, because he deserves it. He deserves it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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