30 Thought Provoking Writing Prompts That Will Inspire You To Write Every Single Day This Month

Sometimes, the best writing starts with a little inspiration. Whether we find that emotional push in a favourite quote, in a fleeting experience, or in the way a song suddenly makes us feel, the writing always follows. This month, try to write for 30 days — let these questions be your inspiration, your push into expression. Grab a journal, grab a pen, and make time for your words.

Bianca Sparacino
Bianca Sparacino


Write a letter to the last person you kissed.


Write a list of ten resolutions you have for yourself right now.


Write a letter to your parents.


Write an apology to someone you deeply hurt.


Write a letter forgiving someone who deeply hurt you.


Write a thank you letter to your best friend.


Write a letter to someone you miss right now.


Write a letter to the first person you ever loved.


Close your eyes and listen to a song that holds a lot of memories for you. Write about how it makes you feel.


Write a letter to the person who broke your heart the most.


Write a letter to your siblings. If you don’t have siblings, write a letter the the sister or brother you always wished you had.


If you had the chance to be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? And who would you be with?


Write a letter to the teacher that most changed your life.


Write a letter to someone who inspires you.


Write a list of the books that have changed your life. Write your favourite quotes or lessons from them down as well.


Write a letter to the one that got away.


Write a letter to your younger self.


If you were in a room with all of the people you once loved, and you were told to choose, whose arms would you end up in?


What is an item you own that holds an intense amount of sentimental value? Who gave it to you? What memories does it have attached to it?


Write a letter forgiving yourself for the things you still hold on to. Let them go.


Write a letter to your future self.


Look at a stranger wherever you are right now. Imagine what their life must have been like. Dream up their story. Write it here.


What would you do if you knew you absolutely could not fail?


Write a letter celebrating yourself — what you love about yourself, what you admire about who you are and what you stand for.


Write a letter defining one thing you learned, for every year you have been alive. So, if you are 15 — write 15 lessons. If you are 25, write 25 lessons.


Fill this page with a list of things that make you smile.


If you could go back in time and re-live one memory, which one would it be? Why?


Write about a time that you truly felt the most alive.


Write a letter to your fears. Face them, even if it is just in writing. Make sure to let them know that they no longer own you.


What do you want? What do you really want, right in this moment, for yourself? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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