This Is How We Will Travel The World Together

On the plane I will use your lap as an armrest, your shoulder as a pillow for my head. We will take advantage of the complimentary white wine, and laugh about the dated magazines they’ve stuffed between the seats. I will wake you up four times to use the bathroom, yet you’ll always choose the aisle seat — you know I like the window. We will land in each worldly destination, and I will kiss you in every single arrivals gate. You will dance for me while we wait for our luggage.

In Paris, you are too much, I will think, as you stuff three pieces of bread in your mouth while trying to fill my glass with cheap wine. We will run through the Louvre even though it is forbidden, I swear even the paintings will laugh at us.

In Berlin, you are too much, I will think, as you reach over and rest your hand on my thigh, speeding through the long and winding country roads ahead of us. We will drink too much beer and raid the hotel mini bar, stretching out on the king sized bed as we fall asleep to the sound of strange foreign gameshows.

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In Rome, you are too much, I will think, as we have deep and long conversations in a language we just improvised into existence. We will lay on the floor of the Sistine Chapel, giving the characters in each and every illustration a name, giving the figures in each and every mural a story.

In Bangkok, you are too much, I will think, as you tightly embrace me in the back of a Tuk Tuk to ensure I don’t fall out. We will challenge each other here — you will dare me to eat a scorpion in the local market; I will tickle you in a silent temple, watching as your cheeks fill with stifled amusement.

In Cebu, you are too much, I will think, as you try to spell out words with your hands in the middle of a dive. We will emerge from the cerulean water, both interrupting each other as we excitedly talk about the aquatic mysteries that left us in awe.

I will kiss you in each and every departure gate. We will wait for our chance to board the plane, sifting through the polaroids we took, reminiscing about the time-lapse of memories we were able to create within the world. I will use your lap as an armrest, your shoulder as a pillow for my head. I will hold your hand as you fall asleep, admiring all of the things we have gone through together, all of the ambitious adventures we will dream up in our future.

I will smile, thinking about the fact that with every new experience you are pressed into me more and more, like a stamp in my passport, like a destination I will always want to explore. I will smile, thinking about all of our travels, and how nice it always is to come home, even though with you I was home the whole time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Bianca is the author of The Strength In Our Scars and A Gentle Reminder.

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