Why I’m So Excited To Spend 2016 With You

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I look forward to the simple moments this year will gift us. The moments where I get to admire you when you are unguarded, or unaware. I look forward to the morning coffees we will share in bed, to the space that will exist between our heads when the sun wakes up our tired skin and I get to kiss the sleep from your eyes.

I look forward to getting to know you on a deeper level, for there will always be more to discover within your bones. I look forward to thinking that you’re the sexiest human in the world at one moment, and then thinking that you’re the grossest person ever at the drop of a hat. I’m looking forward to almost expecting you to eat something off of the floor before yelling “five second rule,” and to having you convince me to make sure that weird mark on your back isn’t something serious. In return, I look forward to all of the nights you will kill a spider for me at 2am, I look forward to the fact that you will get accustomed to seeing your favourite oversized t-shirts turn into my pajamas for the night.

I look forward to our firsts, to our seconds. I look forward to the traditions we will create, like eating at the same place whenever we celebrate our first date, or visiting your grandparents every Sunday. I look forward to saving money with you so we can start investing in our future together. Until then, I look forward to driving by our favourite houses and fantasizing about all of the memories we will make in them. I look forward to all of the dreams we will inspire.

I look forward to making things work. I look forward to our fights, and our apologies, because it will mean that we are building our foundations, that we are figuring it all out. I look forward to our rough days, to knowing that I can always find refuge in those arms of yours no matter what. On the other hand, I also look forward to all of our highs. I look forward to the days you will come to me brimming with excitement, to the days where I will get to support you and stand by you. I look forward to being there for you the whole way, to encouraging you, not only for what you are in that moment, but for what I know you can be.

See, I look forward to blocking out the world with you, to discovering a new show on Netflix and marathoning it for a shameful amount of time, to eating pints of ice cream in bed and using the same spoon, or texting you from the couch to bring me more popcorn. I look forward to falling asleep halfway through our favourite movies, to all of the moments you’re going to grab my hand in the middle of the night, to all of the adjustments we will make before finding the perfect position to doze off in when we’re both exhausted.

I look forward to laughing with you, to never taking ourselves too seriously. I look forward to the moments you’re going to walk into my room in one of my dresses just to make me chuckle; to taking hilarious photos of you when you fall asleep in the car with your mouth wide open. I look forward to having our play fights turn into beautifully quiet moments, to always connecting with those breaks and thinking about how much I care for you.

Most of all, I look forward to hanging out with my best friend for another twelve months, to creating memories I will remember for the rest of my life. We may not do everything we hope to do this year, but I do know that we will get stronger, we will grow, and that excites me, for it means I will get to fall even more in love with someone I care deeply for, it means I will get to experience the magic of who you are for another perfect year. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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