22 Revolting Signs That You’ve Definitely Found Your Forever Person


1. You find them attractive when they fall asleep with their mouth open and drool leaking on the pillow.

2. You feel unashamed going to the bathroom while they’re in the shower.

3. Or brushing your teeth while they’re peeing.

4. You fart under the same blanket as them and laugh.

5. You – probably the male – pees in the shower when you’re showering together.

6. You can laugh about each other’s bodily functions without embarrassment.

7. Your partner being sick doesn’t gross you out; instead you just help take care of them.

8. When one of you is puking from drinking too much the other one rubs his/her back and flushes the toilet.

9. Or when you’re puking in general.

10. You aren’t embarrassed to pop your zits in front of them, or maybe they even like to do it for you.

11. They still make out with you before you brush your teeth, despite your morning breath.

12. You can poop in front of each other.

13. You can walk around with acne cream all over your face and it’s normal.

14. You – the female – can openly and freely talk about your period problems to your partner and he doesn’t get grossed out.

15. You – the female – find pube trimmings on the toilet and you don’t get absolutely disgusted and/or pissed anymore.

16. You can spit food out in front of each other when it tastes nasty and you don’t get grossed out.

17. You think it’s hilarious if your partner’s drink comes out their nose or they spit it back up from laughing so hard mid drink.

18. You feel no shame in eat the food that just fell down your shirt.

19. You – the female – will shave his back for him.

20. You can openly talk about things like moles, infected cuts, belly button lint, eye crust, etc.

21. You hock a loogie in front of them.

22. You ask them to check if there are any “bats in the cave.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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