10 Signs You Have Found The Right Person For You

1. Your partner is empathetic.

Your partner lets you cry on their shoulder. They empathize with your suffering and pain and have compassion towards whatever mood or situation you are in.

2. Your partner validates your feelings.

Your partner relieves those deep-rooted insecurities and fears of vulnerability instead of exacerbating them. They provide reassurance and stability, bringing peace to your storms.

3. Your partner is loyal.

Your partner allows you to put faith and trust in them because you know you can count on them without a single doubt in your mind. You trust your partner to not purposely betray or stab you in the back. You do not feel the need to constantly worry or stress about other women.

4. Your partner has faith in you.

Your partner believes that you can be somebody. They see a version of you that you cannot see in yourself yet. They help you change the belief that you are someone inherently flawed or a person with defects and deficiencies.

5. Your partner feels like a kindred soul.

You feel that you and your partner share a mutual understanding. You feel that the two of you share the same feelings and attitudes.

6. Your partner is supportive.

Your partner allows you to take centre stage from time to time while they act as the pillar and support beams. You feel that you can be the dancer on the stage and know that they will support you every step of the way.

7. Your partner listens.

Your partner lets you talk for hours on end about your past, insecurities, and doubts, and they love you more for it. They make it easy to be open about your flaws and shortcomings. They make it safe to be vulnerable and to let someone in and see the hidden sides of yourself.

8. Your partner demonstrates strength.

I do not mean physical strength, but emotionally in terms of battling their own demons and family issues without pushing the burden and baggage onto you. They are capable of juggling their own problems and yours. They show you how to persevere and dedicate yourself through hard times, knowing that storms will pass.

9. Your partner cares about people.

Your partner never abandons others during tough times. They call and check-up on the people they care about to make sure they are okay.

10. Your partner is pure of heart.

Your partner shows you what it means to see people for who they are, regardless of background or circumstance. They demonstrate a pure, true love when it comes to seeing someone’s worth and potential.

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