100 Extremely Important Questions To Ask Yourself To Live Your Happiest And Healthiest Life

Sylvain Reygaerts
Sylvain Reygaerts

1. Am I where I want to be?

2. What am I really scared of?

3. What drives me more fear or failure?

4. What am I most scared of about the future?

5. What made me happiest in my past and what can I do to feel that way again?

6. If today was my last day how would I want to spend it?

7. Am I holding on to something damaging to my growth?

8. What are the three most valuable things in my life?

9. What have I given up that has made me stronger?

10. What have I lost that has made me stronger?

11. What have I quit on?

12. Has that made me a better person?

13. When was the last time I did something for the first time?

14. When was the last time I pushed myself out of my comfort zone?

15. What changes can I make to ensure I am my best self?

16. Am I doing enough for myself?

17. Am I doing enough for the people I love?

18. When was the last time I told my family I loved them?

19. Is there anyone toxic I’m keeping in my life I need to let go of?

20. Does other’s opinions really impact me?

21. Has failure ever killed me?

22. What’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself?

23. What are my passions?

24. When was the last time I made a positive change in my life?

25. When was the last time I helped someone?

26. What am I most grateful for in my life?

27. What adjectives would I use to describe myself?

28. Do I love myself?

29. What can I do to improve on my self-reflection?

30. Am I living the life I imagined?

31. Is this life making me happy?

32. Am I challenging myself daily?

33. Do I confide in others or bottle my emotions up?

34. What is the biggest lesson I’ve learned?

35. What advice do I wish I took years ago?

36. What piece of advice you I give my younger self?

37. My future self?

38. Is what I’m doing making a difference?

39. What is the next goal I have in life?

40. Am I doing everything I can to achieve my goals?

41. What is holding me back from achieving my dreams?

42. If I had all the free time in the world, what would I do with it?

43. Why aren’t I making time for those things now?

44. If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with it?

45. Do I believe money equals happiness?

46. If I had all the resources in the world to not fail, what would I do?

47. How important are my goals to me?

48. What is the number one priority in my life right now?

49. What am I doing about it?

50. Is my job making me happy?

51. Is this the career I would ultimately pick if I could start again?

52. What would I do differently this time around?

53. Is my diet making me feel the best I can?

54. Is there something I’m avoiding?

55. What limiting beliefs and I holding on to?

56. Is it time to let them go?

57. What are my bad habits?

58. Is it time to break them?

59. What are my good habits?

60. What are my biggest strengths?

61. What is the biggest thing holding me back right now from making changes?

62. Is the environment I’m living in healthy?

63. Am I talking about my mental health?

64. Am I doing everything I can to maintain a healthy mind?

65. Am I living in the past or present?

66. Am I clinging to the future in hopes it will be better?

67. What about the future seems so much better?

68. And what can I do to start that bettering life right now?

69. Can I wake up and feel happy with my life?

70. What defines happiness for me?

71. What was the moment in life I’ve felt the happiest?

72. What about the saddest?

73. What did I learn from loss?

74. What is something I gave up that I wish I didn’t?

75. What is the meaning of my life?

76. What motivates me?

77. Who are the five people I spend the most time with?

78. Do they bring out the best in me?

79. If not, is it time to let them go?

80. Am I afraid of letting others in?

81. Why?

82. What kind of people do I enjoy spending time with?

83. How can I be this person to others?

84. Which is worse – never trying or failing?

85. Am I more of a leader or a follower?

86. Would I rather have less work to do or more work I enjoy doing?

87. Does commitment scare me?

88. Why?

89. Do any of the things I used to care about still affect me?

90. What do I wish I would have done more of?

91. Why don’t I start doing more of it?

92. What’s more important to me, doing the right thing or doing things right?

93. Are the books on my shelf being read?

94. Are the thoughts running through my head at night helping or hurting me?

95. What is my safe place?

96. Where do I feel most comfortable?

97. If I could eliminate one of my weaknesses what would it be? And why?

98. Do I hold grudges or believe in forgiveness?

99. If I could restore one broken relationship who would it be with?

100. What am I going to do differently now after reading this list? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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