14 Things To Expect When You Date A Girl With A Big Personality


1. You might disagree, a lot. She has a strong mind and stronger opinions. There will be times she’s convinced she’s right and you’re wrong. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and accept that you’d rather be happy than right.

2. She doesn’t like things sugar coated. She doesn’t want you to make excuses or beat around the bush. She wants you to come out and tell her what’s going on. She doesn’t like games and she’s not into drama, so be honest with her.

3. She will constantly try to motivate you. She likes when she feels she is in control and she loves success. She will try her hardest to make sure that you are motivated, too. She has goals and dreams and she wants to reach them, but she also wants to help you reach yours along the way.

4. She is confident. She is confident in herself and her decisions. If she make a poor decision along the way she will own up for it and make it right. Her confidence glows off of her and it’s aiding in her success as a person.

5. She’s all about new experiences and adventures. A girl with a big personality is big on life. She loves to try new things and experience as much of the world as she can. She rarely says no because her passion and adventure seeking thrill has been around a lot longer than you. So strap up and enjoy the trip.

6. She likes meaningful conversation. She loves connections and she only feels like she’s getting those connections when she’s having a deep conversation with someone. She has no time for small talk in her life.

7. Just because she might not agree with you, doesn’t mean your opinion is irrelevant. Even though she doesn’t agree with some things she will always at least give you the chance to speak your mind. She is open to interpretation on the topic, but most of the time she just believes in what she believes in and there is no changing that.

8. She will always try to give you the best advice. She is fairly levelheaded and loves when people come to her for help. She might not always know what to do in every situation, but she will try her best to try to figure out some type of solution for you.

9. She can be stubborn as hell. She doesn’t mean to be, but she can’t help it. A girl with a big personality is set in her ways. She knows what she likes and she wants it that way.

10. She’s not a huge fan of ‘down time.’ She gets bored easily and hates being unproductive. She can’t sit around on the couch all day without feeling like she wasted the day. She hates sleeping until 11 AM because it makes her feel lazy. She likes having a schedule and getting things done.

11. She’s very competitive. Like I said, she hates being wrong, but she also hates losing. She wants to be the best at everything, even things that seem impossible. If she’s participating she wants to win.

12. She will defend everything and everyone she loves. She won’t let you come in and start bashing anything she’s passionate about. She will always stand up for what she believes in and she doesn’t care if she’s the only one in the room who feels a certain way, she will make it known.

13. The girl with a big personality also has a big heart. She truly cares about other people and loves everyone. While she is tough, she is also very emotional. She wants the best for those she cares about and she has a passion for the world burning in her heart.

14. She will love you unconditionally. When she makes a commitment to something she will fully commit. She will put her whole heart and soul into loving you because she will expect you give her all your love right back. She will be faithful and honest because that’s just the kind of person she is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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