Be Brave Enough To Let Yourself Fall Out Of Love

Be Brave Enough To Let Yourself Fall Out Of Love

It starts like this. One morning, like any other, you wake up and look over to your significant other sound asleep on the far side of the bed. To you, this has long been a sacred time of the day. Those sweet, peaceful moments between sleep and wake. Their body delicately arranged in yours. The song of their breathing stirring you boldly into the light of a brand new day. But on this day, something feels different, the magic is missing. 

Eyes flutter open and stare back warmly into yours, and all of a sudden you find yourself fighting the urge to turn away. Through the confusion, you force a smile and your heart falls like a stone as you realize this person lying beside you no longer commands it the way they once did. You kiss them good morning and you imagine the end.

From this moment forward, nothing is quite the same. The seed of uncertainty has been planted in you and like a weed it takes root and worms its way into your every waking moment. Before long, the passion wanes, the days and nights stretch on longer, and long silences take the place of laughter.

You try to convince yourself it is only a phase. You tell yourself it is all your fault or theirs. You tell yourself if only you or partner did this or that then perhaps things would go back to the way they were. But the heart of the matter is it is no ones fault, it never was, and there is no going back. And that’s OK.

Trust your inner voice. Like cinema lights switching on after the credits roll, this change of heart has arrived to tell you it is time to leave. Not all loves are supposed to last forever. Most are lessons, road stops along on the way, but that doesn’t make the time you shared together any less precious or meaningful.

Give thanks for these moments—cherish these memories and the connection you forged, but let go in the understanding that as difficult as it gets, we all deserve somebody we can be sure of. And better things await you both.

Whatever you decide, don’t stay because you are afraid of change, saying goodbye, or ending up alone, there is nothing more harmful to your heart and soul than sharing them with someone not meant for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark