Read This When You’re Feeling Broken

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

Brokenness. We’ve all been through it – a part of our lives where everything seems to be going to shit. It’s quite difficult to pinpoint the root cause, to be honest. A slew of possibilities present themselves – it could be desired healing dating back to your upbringing, it could be troubles at work relating to an uninspiring job, it could be the mending your soul needs because of the relationships you’ve deemed unfinished – or maybe all these combined. Who knows? You could be trying to control a situation that can’t be controlled, or you could even be trying to fix a person who doesn’t want to be fixed. I wish there were some form of immunity, but life gets the best of even the best people.

I’ve always been a naturally optimistic person. The strongest people try to be but based on experience, we all have phases wherein we can’t help but indulge in those self-destructing yet addictive thoughts. You never really think that your troubles can get the best of you, until they do. When you’re left feeling weak, helpless and distraught, you find yourself asking – where has the fighter in me gone? I’m not one to give up easily, but somehow I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. You’re in search of the meaning and purpose that once filled your life because you seem to have forgotten what it’s like waking up with an unforced sense of happiness.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s not as bad as it seems, because I will never know. We’re each going through our individual journeys at varying degrees and the last thing I want to do is to downplay yours. But one thing is for sure – you have always been a collection of all your triumphs and all your defeats. One cannot exist without the other. You’re here in this life to experience as much as you can and to welcome all circumstances as they come, fully and wholeheartedly. Good or bad, these experiences are here to shape your character and to turn you stronger than before. Trials have always made the fighter wiser not weaker.

When in doubt, you must constantly remind yourself that you’re a warrior, not a worrier – you’re here to survive and you didn’t go through all that to see yourself end in defeat.

You must get up and carry on because you need to face life headstrong and tell her that you mean business. You were designed to heal from all wounds and no amount of sorrow can take that ability away from you. If this is an experience that will change your life, then let it. You face it, suck it up and move forward. You’re going to look back in your life one day and smile about the time you chose to fight this out. It may seem like things are never going to change, but they will. Maybe it isn’t happening yet because you still haven’t learned the lessons that need to be taught. Just have patience – soon, you’ll see life slowly unfold for the better when you learn how to trust the process.

It is never the end. Tragedy may have left a hole in your life – and although you weren’t the one who caused it, you still have the capability to create something in its place. No matter how broken you may feel, you have the sole power to rewrite your story and turn the tables to your favor once again. It’s an art form – turning misfortunes into victories, but it’s something we all must grasp. Remember, the blessing is in the breaking – he who refuses to be broken, refuses to be blessed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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