I Will Forgive You

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Amanda Carlson

I forgive you for being imperfect. Being imperfect is a reminder that you are a flawed human being, a beautiful wreck in this far-from-perfect world.

I forgive you for not giving me the love I deserve. I am a loving person and I can be loved just the way I am.

I forgive you for not knowing better. For distorting the truth into lies. For taking me for granted. And for letting me ache with all the pain that’s hovering around my heart every time.

I forgive you for making a mistake. I know what you did was wrong and I do not deserve the way you treated me. You are human and you’re prone to mistakes and that’s perfectly okay.

I forgive you because despite everything, I know and see within my heart that you are a good person.

And it is a nice feeling to free myself of pain, even after you broke my heart.

I forgive you because I love you so much, and if I’m not going to forgive you, I will suffer more. Because I cannot sleep well if I hold this grudge forever. Because it’s heavy in my heart. And because I want to stop tormenting myself.

I forgive you because I love you. I can’t stop loving and I can’t tell my heart to hate you because you hurt me. That’s love. That’s how love supposed to be.

I forgive you for breaking my trust. It will take time to rebuild it and I am willing to give you another chance. It’s true, there is always something so splendid, so abundant and so sweet about life’s second chances.

I forgive you because I choose to love instead of closing my heart. And because I want forgiveness to pave a quicker path to make this world a beautiful place to live.

I forgive you because not doing so is hard and painful. I am willing to drop the burden.

I forgive you because I don’t want to imprison myself by negative thoughts and emotions. And I want my heart to experience that spark of happiness each time I let you back in.

I forgive you because I’m human. I love you and I love myself. And I can’t go on hating you while the love we have is bigger than myself.

And I will forgive myself for forgiving you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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