I Don’t Regret Loving You, Even Though You Broke Me

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Henri Pham

I fell too hard, not knowing where to stand. And it hurts so bad because it didn’t go the way I wanted to. But to tell you honestly, I don’t regret anything.

I don’t regret loving you when all things were good and when things were bad as hell.

I don’t regret the times when I embraced your flaws, loved your imperfections and accepted your mistakes.

I don’t regret the times when I had given you so many chances. It’s not because there’s always something so splendid and abundant about second chances that arrived each day, but because I knew it in my heart that you deserved those chances I had given you.

I don’t regret the times I stood by you, no matter how hard it was. The times when I held your hand and filled those empty gaps between your fingers.

I don’t regret the times when my life revolved around you—only you.

I don’t regret the times I wasted loving you. Those late nights I spent crying because of countless fights. Those times when my mind was restless with thoughts of you.

I don’t regret the times when I was so patient, dealing with your every tantrum, understanding your mood swings and loving every bit of you—each and every part of your soul.

I don’t regret the moment you broke my heart. It killed me, but it’s okay. It made me so much stronger.

I don’t regret the times when I saw the ugly side of you because I saw it as the amazing one. And I reminded myself you were worthy and good at heart.

I don’t regret the time when you decided to find your way about life without me because honestly, I have realized what this thing called, ‘love’ really was. What it meant. And knew deeply what the word conveyed.

Maybe it’s not love what you’re looking for. Maybe you have forgotten what love really was and maybe you’ve forgotten how to love. And I don’t regret that I forgave you for that.

I trained my heart to see the people I met along the way and to see the good things in them. I let my mind run free from all the thoughts that were keeping me tied to what wasn’t mine.

Because of you, I have learned all the ways of love.

I stopped questioning my existence and realized that it’s not a pain to endure. I don’t forget my value as a human being. I know that you have caused me a deep void of pain, but it’s okay. I am still alive, after all.

Time heals the pain. And I was healed. Thank you for breaking my heart, anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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