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Author of This Expat Life.

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Bart Schaneman

Life During Wartime Hype

Waking up to a phone with an on-screen notification from the New York Times reading “U.S. say North Korea has nuclear-capable missiles” does not make you want to get out of bed, as alarming as it is.

If I Could See All My Friends Tonight

We all promise we won’t lose touch. Friends forever. You’re like my brother. My sister. I won’t be gone for that long. We’re not going to change that much.

In Praise Of Journalism

I hope the traditions of good journalism that were built through more than a century of standards and refining the craft won’t be lost due to a “transition period.”

The World Is Not A Cold Dark Place

I just want to feel exactly like I did when I used to walk home from school and drop off my books in my house and run outside and I could play until dinner. Love makes you feel like that.

Why I’m Not Voting

If politics really don’t matter, if the market makes all the decisions, than how about I treat my vote like I would the marketplace?

This Expat Life

It feels like the work I do is only for myself and the company that employs me. Not for the good of the nation. Not for my family. Not for any “greater good.” In a way I prefer this.