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Relativity, Communism, Etc.

As I continue to live and slowly die (depends on how you look at it), I’m beginning to realize the specific moments when I become pulled enough by gravitational forces to write.

A Dream Within A Dream

The weightlessness I had felt in my previous dream was replaced by a stone in my stomach: a stone of burden. A stone of gall. A stone of responsibility and reality. All lightness faded away.

There Will Be A Time In The Future

Relationships forged at a place called home are forged for years, possibly decades, constantly weathering storms and evolving and intertwining together that form a binary system, with one being revolving within the gravity of another, spinning together, floating through space together, expanding together, growing old and one day dying together.

The Girl Who Has Everything, Except Me

From experience, effective attraction is a kind of see-saw where two people engage and then pull back, engage and then pull back, give and take, until there is some kind of equilibrium where both people are happy.

The Edge Of Attention

As the number of social interactions exploded in college, the amount of pressure I put on myself increased exponentially as well.

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