If She Does These 9 Things, She’s Definitely Not Mature Enough For You

Matheus Ferrero

Is she a grown ass woman or is she immature?

Here are a nine telling signs that what you have on your hands is a girl who is not yet a woman.

1. She’s a drama queen.

A drama queen is a type of immature girl who is always in a frenzy about something. This girl has zero chill. It doesn’t matter how big or small the matter is, something is always a big frickin’ deal when you are around her.

2. She’s wildly indecisive.

It’s true that we all have our indecisive moments from time to time, but this girl can’t even put on a pair of pants without knowing that you thinks she looks great in them. She hasn’t learned how to trust her own instincts and always seems to need your opinion or approval before she gives herself the go-ahead.

3. She’s afraid to stand her ground.

A girl who is immature will likely be shy about standing up for herself or calling people out on their crap because she doesn’t want to seem like a bitch. A woman knows that sometimes this just has to be done, period.

4. She makes men the center of her universe.

When a girl is single, her main mission is finding a guy for herself. When she has the guy, he is the sun and she revolves around him. A grown woman has her own life and knows better than to put a man on a pedestal.

5. She lets her emotions take control of her life.

An immature girl allows her emotions and hormones to do all the driving. She just goes with whatever she’s feeling in the moment without thinking about the possible outcomes or consequences. She has not yet learned how to keep her emotions in check.

6. She’s addicted to attention.

Girls seek attention. Women seek respect.

7. She cares too much what people think and say.

A girl shapes her life according to what is generally acceptable. She wants to be looked upon as beautiful and likable and will do anything to achieve this. A grown up stays true to herself regardless of who likes it.

8. She’s into bad boys and jerks.

A girl chases after the tatted up ex-cons and playboys who don’t treat her right. On some level she knows they are trouble, but she can’t help but think she’ll eventually get him right where she wants him. You better believe that a grown ass woman doesn’t even think about wasting her time with this.

9. She acts jealous of other women.

An immature girl will be anxious and malicious around other women. When she acts up, it’s likely because she’s insecure with her own self and feels the pressure of competition. A grown woman knows she’s awesome so other women have no affect on how she feels or behaves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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