12 Genius Ways To Respond When Someone Says ‘You Look Tired’


At some point, most of us have heard someone tell us that we look tired. It could be for a variety of reasons: Maybe we are sick, hung over, skipped putting on makeup that day, or maybe we really are tired. For whatever reason, it’s a comment that can be off-putting and obnoxious, even though the one saying it probably didn’t intend for it to be an insult. Still, we all know the underlying message is that by looking tired, we kind of look like crap.

Instead of letting a comment like this get to you as you stutter out a nervous reply, use it an an opportunity to respond in a way that will be funny, maintain good frame control, and get them to think twice about saying, “You look tired”…ever again.

1. “Yeah, the night shift in the crime fighting superhero business can be pretty exhausting.”

2. “I have a sleep disorder. It’s called: Children.”

3. “Yeah, the plague will do that to you.”

4. “You know, I hear that a lot. I’m not really tired. Apparently, I just look like shit all the time.”

5. “It’s probably just the cancer.”

6. “I’m not tired. You’re seeing things. Maybe you’re the one who’s tired.”

7. “Yes, and I don’t understand why. Between a full time job and my two kids, I got a whole three hours of sleep last night.”

8. “Boy, I bet that line works on all the ladies.”

9. “Crazy night. I’m not at liberty to discuss.”

10. “Now that you mention it, mind grabbing me a coffee, please? Thanks!”

11. “Yeah, it’s probably from all that crazy sex I was having last night.”

12. “Yep it’s exhausting…being such a badass.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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