10 Clever Comebacks To Everyday Backhanded Compliments

Backhanded compliments will hit you when you least expect it. They have a way of making you feel less than fantastic, but instead of being offended and then racking your brain trying to figure out what they mean and how to tactfully respond, try coming back with a little bit of playful humor to lighten the mood.

1. “You’re too skinny.”
Translation: I wish I was that skinny.
You say: Ugh I know. I try to put on weight by eating lots of pizza and chocolate cake, but no luck.

2. “You look better in person.”
Translation: Judging by your photos online, I was worried you might be fat.
You say: You’re …very photogenic. *Big smile*

3. “You remind me of my mom.”
Translation: You’re not cool.
You say: You mean great in bed? Thanks!

4. “Why are you still single?”
Translation: What’s wrong with you?
You say: Just lucky I guess!

5. “I thought you were nice.” (When asked a favor and you say no)
Translation: I thought you were a pushover, which is why I asked you in the first place.
You say: Even the nicest people have their limits.

6. When your husband/wife comes home and asks, “What did you do all day?”
Translation: Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t think of you as lazy right now.
You say: Woke up, kicked ass, repeat.

7. “Why don’t you have any kids yet?”
Translation: Kids are everything. Your clock is ticking.
You say: Because my life is too awesome right now. Cheers to contraceptives!

(Let’s not forget what backhanded compliments guys are used to hearing.)

8. “You clean up nice.”
Translation: You usually kind of look like a homeless person.
You say: “Well someone had to make an impression here tonight.”

9. When you show off your new girlfriend and your brother asks: “What is she doing with you?”
Translation:  She’s too hot for you.
You say: Lots of kinky stuff! I might tell you about it later.

And while this one might not necessarily be a compliment, we have all heard it before:

10. “You look tired.”
Translation: You look rough right now. Are you hungover?
You say: Yeah, I am tired from having all that crazy sex last night! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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