I Wish I Didn't Have To Say Goodbye

I Wish I Didn’t Have To Say Goodbye

While you pack your things I realize that I’ll never be the same. I already have someone in my head telling me to be strong although I feel brittle. My face shows you and the rest of the world that I’m less affected than is accurate. The person I wish I was is strong enough to let you go and not let you take every ounce of what made her who she was.

Everything that made me happy is being packed with your underwear and alarm clock in a box in the bedroom. It’s getting tossed alongside the Frosted Flakes that I hate, but you ate every single morning. It’s going with the photos we posted together on Instagram (now deleted) so that everyone knows that the rumors they heard of us splitting are true.

The truth is that I will always love you and the fact that my heart goes with you doesn’t upset me because I always knew that if this time came, it would have been this way.

Goodbye, not only to you, but everything that came along with being loved by you. I quietly say goodbye to the cologne you pack away although I know your smell is engraved in the sheets. I say goodbye to your laugh echoing in the apartment. I say goodbye to the warmth and light in my life.

My world already feels so cold and I want to convince you so bad to stay here with me, but I also want you to be happy. I know that if I still made you happy you wouldn’t be packing your things.

Goodbye to my future with you, the plans I made to grow old with you, my idea of family and how it revolved around you. Goodbye to all the passion you made me feel and I can only pray that you don’t take every ounce of positivity when all is set and done. You have nothing left here, but your ghost in my memories. Thought Catalog Logo Mark