It's Hard To Say My Depression Is Back, So I Just Don't

It’s Hard To Say My Depression Is Back, So I Just Don’t

My friend is concerned & I wanna tell her not to be,
meaning, I’M FINE, I SWEAR!
meaning, in college I perfected the art of the lie,
meaning, I’m a mental health advocate
and haven’t seen a therapist since college,
meaning, people reach out and I want to hide,
meaning, I’m mad at the people who didn’t,
meaning, I get texts that say R U OK,
meaning, my brain is just wrong, okay,
meaning, what am I supposed to say?
meaning, I love seeing you shine,
can’t dim it with my torrential downpour,
meaning, forget that shit,
meaning, I’m making depression sound like Eeyore,
meaning, sorry, there’s no good poem for this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Ari Eastman

✨ real(ly not) chill. poet. writer. mental health activist. mama shark. ✨