Depression Is Not Something You Can Just Snap Out Of

There’s this idea perpetuated by people who’ve never experienced true, debilitating clinical depression that if you’re depressed, you can just – VOILA – snap your fingers and decide you’re better. Did you know that? Seriously, it’s so easy! Just flip a switch. Just choose to think positively and it’ll all be fine. How wonderful! All this time, and there was such a simple solution!

Obviously any individual struggling with depression knows how fictitious and damaging a myth like that can be.

There is no quick fix to depression.

It can look different in everyone. One medication might work for someone and aggravate the symptoms in another. Some forego medication for various reasons. It ends up being lot of trial and error. Like trying to find the right therapist or psychiatrist. It’s dating, without the fun benefits. Just the awkward getting to know you stuff. The hoping you’re going to click part. It’s frustrating and isolating. And it’s absolutely not something you can just snap out of.

Depression feels like being empty and trying to convince the rest of the world you’re somehow full.

Depression feels like wanting to change the channel on your brain but not knowing where the damn remote is.

Depression feels like the dentist shot novocaine into your entire being. Numb. You’re just numb.

Depression feels like doubting your worth.

Depression feels like thinking the world would be better without you, even though it’s not true.

Depression feels like pain, physical pain. Your muscles ache and there’s the heaviness of fatigue. You want to sleep it all away. And even when you wake up, you’re still tired.

When you have depression, all you want is to feel normal. People aren’t faking or doing it for attention or any other ridiculous reason you might think. It’s consuming. It’s like having a Dementor from Harry Potter take over your body. You don’t know how to fight it.

If anything, you should applaud those suffering because it’s so hard. Sometimes just making it through another day is an accomplishment. Cheer that on. Understand the bravery in that, in choosing to stick around even though everything inside wants out.

There is no getting over it. There is survival. There is glorious, difficult, and necessary survival. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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