Read This If You’re Terrified Of Growing Up

Emil Jarfelt
Emil Jarfelt

There’s this moment we have as children. It’s usually when we’re being told to do something we don’t want to, like chores or adhering to a strict bedtime. Or maybe it’s when we see a babysitter or some cool, older adult that seems to have it all. No rules! They’re in charge of their own life! It looks so awesome. And can’t wait until, one day, that’ll be us.

We’re so anxious to grow up.

…Until we actually start growing up.

That’s when reality hits. That’s when all those fantasies we had as little kids are brought crashing to the ground and we realize being an adult isn’t a free ticket to paradise. Being an adult is hard. It’s responsibility and sacrifice and this panicky feeling in your stomach that you’re behind everyone else your age.

But it’s also amazing. It just might not be what we envisioned.

Being scared to grow up is natural. Every day, you’re diving into uncharted territory. Every year, you’re changing and evolving and taking on new challenges. And as exciting as that is, it can also bring about a lot of fear. Where are you going? What are you doing? Are you on the right path?

Here’s the thing, EVERYONE feels that way. At least some of the time.

We all question ourselves. We all yearn for easier times, when it didn’t feel like life was all about paying bills and resumes and friends getting married.

Nobody has it all together. Even the person who is putting on a seemingly perfect show has doubt. Even the person you think has everything might be struggling in some unseen way.

As we age, it brings new heartaches and joys. That’s the duality of life. It’s not just one way or the other. When you cry out, “Adulting is so hard!” there will come a day when you get do something or have an experience that is so insanely amazing, and one you only get to do because you’re growing up.

It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to talk about it, too. You’d be surprised how many people in your life feel similarly.

At the end of it, every adult has that inner child questioning if they’re doing this right. Every adult is scared to screw things up.

You’re not alone in this, you know? You’re never alone. And that’s a pretty beautiful part to growing up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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