17 Things Only People Who Are Really F*cking Jumpy Understand


1. You have literally jumped after seeing your own shadow.

2. …More than once.

3. Or like, maybe a few times.


5. People assume you’re just constantly extremely caffeinated because of how naturally jittery you are.

6. Your friends know that if they tap you on the shoulder unexpectedly, it results in a blood-curdling scream.

7. Speaking of your scream, it’s so unintentionally comical. Like, it sounds like a joke. So if you’re ever in mortal peril and scream, people will probably just be like “lol, someone’s over-acting.”

8. You still check under your bed before falling asleep because you never, EVER want this happening.

9. You rarely watch horror films in the movie theater because you’re not super into the idea of spending $12 to put your hand over your entire face for 90 minutes.

10. In fact, the only way you can successfully watch anything too scary is nestled in-between two people with a blanket you can hide under, should it ever get to be just too much.

11. Scary trailers that seem to pop up out of nowhere when you’re just trying to watch an innocent YouTube video are the bane of your existence.

12. A tree branch slightly sways in the wind and you become instantly convinced it’s a long arm that will reach through your window and strangle you.

13. If you need water in the middle of the night, you turn on every single possible light.

14. And when you have to get something in pitch black, you run. You just straight up run.

15. You know you’d be the first to die in a horror film.

16. Growing up, you dreaded campfire story time during summer because you just knew you’d be the first one freaked out.

17. At sleepovers, you were always awake SCARED AS F*CK while everyone else obnoxiously slept. Like, oh no one else hears that noise? Cool, cool. Just going to sit here and wait for an impending murder. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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