12 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember When Everything Feels Shitty

Unsplash / Joshua Earle
Unsplash / Joshua Earle

1. You are 100% needed by someone in this world. And I don’t even mean that in some sort of romantic oooohhhh, my star-crossed lover is waiting for me way. But you matter to somebody. We’re often blind to the people who are right in front of us. Someone in your life already looks at you like you are everything. And you probably don’t even realize it. You’re wanted, appreciated, loved, etc. Even on those days you convince yourself nobody gives a shit. I promise, someone does.

2. Society wants you to believe you are in constant competition with everyone you see. It’s the toxic idea that your age is some indicator of where you should be, like you should be compared to your peers, people you knew years ago, randos you’ll never know, or celebrities you read about. While this mentality can push you to work harder, it can also feel incredibly limiting. At the end of the day, it’s all bullshit. There is no person you need to impress or outdo. There is no time limit on figuring out who you are and what you want.

3. Romantic love is not a one-time deal. Your heart doesn’t say, “Well, you had your one shot and you messed it up. Better luck next lifetime!” You can fall again.

4. Missing someone is not a failure. Missing someone means they meant something to you, and admitting that is beautiful.

5. You don’t need to be the best at what you do. You just have to care.

6. There is no greater accomplishment than reaching a place of self-love and understanding. Everything else kind of fades into the background.

7. If Donald Trump can legitimately run for President, YOU can do fucking anything. Seriously.

8. Emotions are temporary beasts. The good gives way to the bad, and vice versa. Your happiness is not permanent, but neither is your greatest sadness.

9. Acknowledging you need help is not a sign of weakness. It’s the show of ultimate strength and courage. We’re not meant to handle life all alone. That’s why we have people we love and trust. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

10. Success can be defined by so many different things. The way you evaluate your life might be vastly different to how the person next to you does. Take the time to figure out how you feel most successful, and let that be your guide. Don’t follow the path that works for someone else.

11. Someone who only shows interest in you part of the time is not worth your time. Remember, you should be a priority, not some after-thought.

12. Cacti are succulents that naturally grow in areas where the soil is super dry and rocky. Think barren desert. These lil’ guys receive little water, and yet, still thrive. Sure, us humans don’t always get what we think we need, but we learn how to adapt. We are resilient beings. Today, you might wonder how you’re going to make it to tomorrow. Try. You may be surprised with what you can power through. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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