What A Real Woman Looks Like

Jochen Schoenfeld
Jochen Schoenfeld

Real women have curves.
Real women don’t.
Real women have pillowy breasts that move and dance.
Real women have mastectomies to remove cancerous cells.
Real women have skin and bones and a heart beat.
and a softness
Or hardness.
Real women are rough around the edges
or delicate and ethereal.
Real women have a heart that whispers with murmurs and occasional irregularities.
Real women wake up at 5 am to feel their tennis shoes smack against pavement.
Real women wake up at 11 am because they were up the night before
tending to families
or themselves,
learning how to love the pieces they’ve been told to hate.
Real women have 10 fingers
Real women have 9 fingers.
Real women have an amputated arm.
Real women are in wheelchairs
Real women fuck with ease.
Real women wait until marriage.
Real women believe in God
in Goddesses
in a religion they find within others.
Real women spit gravel and can toss you to the wolves if you look at them the wrong way.
Real women offer open hearts and places to rest,
places to stay until you can find something more permanent.
Real women are Caitlyn Jenner,
Laverne Cox
Real women overflow with love.
Real women guard their emotions,
an unopened envelope,
they do not give away their words to just anyone.
Real women read books.
Real women drink whiskey.
Real women are recovering alcoholics and work to stay that way.
Real women download Tinder because they want to hook up.
Real women download Tinder because they want real love.
Real women have plastic surgery.
Real women don’t wear an ounce of makeup.

Real women get to decide
what makes them

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