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18 Things We Can All Start Doing To Make Our Lives More Exciting

In a time when we’re constantly inundated with flashy Instagram photos, envy-inducing Facebook statuses, and Pinterest quotes encouraging us to make a change, it can be overwhelming to think, “how can I make MY life exciting?” But sometimes, it’s actually the smallest moments that lead to the most wonderful memories. In partnership with Sperry, we came up with a list of things anyone can do to add a little extra spice to life. Anything can be an adventure; you’ve just got to be willing to look for it.

1. There’s that old saying, “Dance like nobody’s watching.” Forget that. Put on your headphones, crank that song that pumps you up, and dance/strut/own it
as if all those strangers you pass by forked up unbelievable amounts of money to come see you sell out a stadium.

2. Make a list of everything you fear the most: the worst-case scenarios, the phobias, and those things that keep you up at night when everyone else is sleeping. Look at them all written down. As you read each one back to yourself, realize the world didn’t stop turning. Your fears aren’t holding back the universe, only you.

3. You know that cute barista, or the acquaintance you run into at parties, or the person you’ve been secretly crushing on for ages? Swallow that fear of rejection and ask them out. They say no? Ouch, but you’ll be okay. They say yes? The possibility for a whole new chapter of your life just opened up.

4. Go to a map, close your eyes and pick a random destination. Unless you land smack dab in the ocean (But hey? Sharks are awesome!), make it a goal to one day visit this location. It doesn’t need to be right now, but set an intention to take this adventure when you’re ready and able. Start sticking loose change in a jar and call it, “The One Day.”

5. Be completely (and maybe even brutally) honest for an entire day. This doesn’t mean you should aim to hurt anyone’s feelings, but practicing your own truth will set you free in unimaginable ways. You’ll be amazed at how often we lie to one another, and maybe most detrimental of all, how often we lie to ourselves. Pull a Jim Carrey (a la Liar Liar) for 24 hours and see what you learn.

6. Stop thinking, “I could never pull that off.” How will you know until you try?

7. Change up your morning routine. If you can, set your alarm early enough to watch the sunrise. Don’t immediately look at your phone, scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, or check to see if anyone followed you on Twitter. Unplug and be present before diving into the rest of your activities for the day.

8. Take a bizarre road trip. All those weird side attractions that you think, “Who stops and looks at that?!” – stop and look at them. The casino that is home to the largest dead polar bear? Go. Mystery house that could be the plot of American Horror Story? Why not? If money is tight, budget and pack tons of snacks. Sleep in your car and consider it just part of the experience.

9. Role-play for the day. Grab your friend, partner, or the crush you asked out earlier, and go to a ton of open houses. Create alter egos and pretend you’re in the market for that unbelievably outlandish mansion. Consider it a game of improv (that nobody really knows you’re playing).

10. Meet someone new. This doesn’t even need to be in a romantic context. Just think, there are over 7 billion people in this world and we won’t know most of them. But you could easily go out and meet ONE today, so why not?

11. Find a free genealogy site and trace your roots back as far as you can. It’s pretty cool to figure out where you came from. It makes the story of where you’re going even richer.

12. Order something new off the menu of your favorite restaurant. Sounds simple right? You might find a brand new favorite food.

13. Turn off your GPS and just go for a drive. Discover new routes and paths. Enjoy your surroundings instead of being on autopilot.

14. Go to Yelp and find a reasonably priced (and well rated) salon. Walk in and say, “Do with me what you will!” It’ll be like you’re living a scene out of a makeover montage from a cheesy (but awesome) 90s movie. And if it sucks? Hair grows back. It won’t be the end of the world.

15. Find that cause, movement, or organization that inspires you and contact them. See how you can volunteer, even if it’s only once. The little things all add up and turn into the biggest changes.

16. Find local (relatively unknown) musicians playing shows. Contact them and see if, in exchange for doing street promo work (handing out fliers, spreading the word, etc.), they will give you a few free tickets to the concert. You’d be surprised how many up-and-coming artists will put you on a guest list.

17. Bring a camera (or use your phone because ‘yay technology!’) and take a photo of anything and everything that you find interesting. At the end of the day, look over all the pictures and construct a story out of them.

18. Keep a tally of all the risks you take. This isn’t to suggest you go out and engage in dangerous activities. Rather, be aware of how many chances you take. How many times do you try something new? How many times do you push yourself to try something that scares you a little bit? Each week, try to get the number higher.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post brought to you by Sperry, who has just launched their Odyssey Project, a project that involves sending 80 people on their own personal odysseys around the world. Check out the Odyssey Project here.

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