19 Things Post-Grads Experience When Seriously Missing College Life

Post Grad
Post Grad

1. You feel strangely jealous when you pass by a group of kids studying in Starbucks. If only that barely groomed, zombie-during-finals-that-sort-of-resembled-you could see you now…looking longingly (and enviously) at those poor, poor students. You almost want to ask if you can join. WHO WANTS TO DO AN ALL-NIGHTER?!!? GUYS?!?!

2. You are way too excited for Thursday to roll around so you can scroll through old photos on your phone and find the perfect #tbt.

3. You stalk your old professors on Facebook, just because.

4. When you realize making plans with someone doesn’t just include walking down the street to their apartment, or across the hall to their dorm room, you kind of decide to just…not make plans.

5. You curl up in the fetal position and cry.

6. No seriously, you’re crying.

7. You’ve started saying, “when I was in college” casually in conversation. People sometimes respond with a comment like, “Oh, so like last year?”

8. You realize there is no “break” or month long vacation time you can really look forward to. Like, NO BREAK FROM LIFE? WHAT IS THIS???

9. You begin to resent the words “business casual” and yearn for the days of wearing sweatpants to class. And even better, nobody cared. OKAY, I GET IT. It’s not “work appropriate” in the REAL WORLD.

10. You see the hot food bar at a grocery store and drift into a dreamy fantasy that you’re back in the dining hall. When you’re ready to purchase something, you think about trying to swipe your college ID instead of credit card. “What do you mean this isn’t acceptable payment??”

11. You used to pound back shots with ease, but now you drink one glass of wine and are down for the count.

12. When you pass out, it’s not from too much partying, but because you now work full-time and are just really, really tired. OH, YOU WILD THANG!

13. You’re confused as hell when it comes to all things *~dating~*. Seriously. How. Does. One. Date. Post. College???

14. You’ve thought about using Tinder to make some actual friends.

15. You watch your Facebook feed and see photos pouring in of all the new, lil baby college kids and you both want to squeeze them because they are so optimistic and adorable, but also want to punch them because…IT’S NOT FAIR. Can you get a do-over?

16. “I miss you” is such a common and heartbreaking text you send to your group of friends from college. Crying emojis, the whole nine yards.

17. You wear that shirt with the name of your alma mater too often. Maybe if you just rep your school hardcore enough, they will ask you to come back and never leave?

18. You yell spiteful things to your diploma. “YOU WERE SO EXPENSIVE AND NOW WHAT? HUH???”

19. As much as you miss your good ol’ college days, you think about high school and remember things could always be worse. MUCH WORSE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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