10 Reasons To Get Off Your Couch And Start Working Out

Does the mere thought of working out make you cringe? Exercise isn’t for everyone. Sure, it’s important to stay active and combat those weekends of binge drinking with some much-needed cardio, but if that’s not enough inspiration to make you hit the gym, here are a few more reasons to get your ass off the couch and start working out!

1. You’ll Outlive Your Enemies

Yep, it’s true. Exercise will improve your health. This means you’ll have a strong heart and lungs, leaner muscles, and strong bones. It also means you’ll live longer than all those haters who wish you ill. What better way to give your enemies a big “F you” than outliving their lazy asses?

2. You May Meet Your Soulmate

Love is in the air. Or is that sweat? Sweat is sexy. In fact, sweat is considered a pheromone for some people. That means you might just get a waft of something you like while working out. Maybe it’s that beefcake over on the bench press or the trainer spotting you. Or you could be releasing some heavy signals during your spin class and not even know it. With all those tone, fit, sweaty bodies around, chances are high that you might just meet your next great love following an intense sweat sesh.

3. It’s a Good Excuse to Buy Cute Clothes

Let’s face it. Gym clothes are freaking adorable. They’re also flattering and comfortable. They come in countless designs, colors, and styles. These days, it seems like every celebrity has their own line of workout clothes. And then there’s the classics like Underarmour and Nike. Hitting the gym is the perfect excuse to extend your wardrobe and accessorize. And who cares if you rock those yoga pants every chance you get? No one has to know they’ve never seen the inside of a studio.

4. You Can Buy That Juicer You Always Wanted

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing you can expand once you decide to start exercising. Your kitchen appliances need an upgrade too. Now is the perfect time to buy that multi-speed blender or juicer you saw on that infomercial. I mean, you need something to make those nutritious and convenient shakes and smoothies, right? Watch out, Nutribullet, I’m coming for ya!

5. You Get to Post the Obligatory Gym Mirror Selfie

Ah yes, the obligatory gym, mirror selfie. You know the one. A fit, sexy girl wearing Beats (even if she’s not really listening to any music) with one knee bent at just the right angle and her hand on her hip. She’s rocking a crop top or sports bra and tight leggings. She looks good. She’s clearly sucking in and flexing but she still looks good. This could be you.

6. Get a Killer Tan

Ok, yes, the irony here is obvious. Tanning beds aren’t exactly the healthiest invention out there and could lead to skin cancer and other health complications. However, a killer tan just makes everything look better. It makes your muscles pop, your skin glow, and requires less makeup (but more moisturizer). A lot of gyms offer tanning as part of your monthly fee. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative, consider a spray tan or take your workout outdoors. You can run, do yoga on the beach, hike, or play volleyball, all while getting some sun-kissed color and a daily dose of vitamin D!

7. Feel Less Guilty About Ordering Fries (And Dessert)

Some people workout to lose weight. Others workout to counteract their eating habits. While some just want to stay healthy. Even if your motivation to exercise comes from your desire to indulge in potato chips and cupcakes, that’s okay! Life’s all about balance and moderation. There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty about your food choices. So don’t. Throw in a few days a week of exercise and it’ll help you feel less guilty about satisfying your food cravings. It might even help you maintain your weight by burning those extra calories.

8. Booty Gains

Kim Kardashian. Beyoncé. Jennifer Lopez. Three beautiful women with three beautiful booties. One pleasant side effect of working out is the improvements you’ll see in your overall body composition. This includes some major booty gains. If you’re looking to fill out your jeans or dare to wear a thong at the beach, start incorporating some squats and glute bridges into your routine.

9. It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

Exercise is proven to improve your overall mood. That’s because when you workout, your brain releases feel good chemicals known as endorphins. These elicit feelings of relaxation, happiness, and positivity. You might also find that your mind is more focused and your stress level is way down following a good workout. Who needs therapy? Just hit the gym a few times a week and you’ll feel like a new and improved version of you. You’re welcome. That’ll be $500.

10. Because It’s Not Just About a Summer Body

People talk about working out to get that perfect summer body. But what about those weddings, reunions, and business dinners? Do you not want to look good for those important events also? And you never know when the opportunity for a hot first date might pop up. Exercising and getting into shape shouldn’t just be a goal for the summer. It’s always the right time for feeling sexy, confident, and strong! Thought Catalog Logo Mark