6 Struggles Of Growing Up As The Baby Of The Family


People seem to have this strange notion that the youngest child is the favorite or that they get everything they want. Well, as the youngest of three girls, I’m here to tell you that these notions are wrong! In fact we’re basically the last in the running for everything. We don’t get the food scraps or anything like that, but anything brand-new is pretty damn old by time it passes to our hands. Making things worse, our parents have practically given up by time they pop us out.

1. Our rooms were always filled with hand-me-downs.

Why bother buying new clothes when you can recycle everyone else’s? This is the “genius” idea every parent with more than one kid has. It’s fine if you’re the oldest, but when you’re the youngest all your shopping is done out of your siblings’ closets.

2. You’re forever living in the shadow of older siblings.

You’re so used to your parents using the sentence, “You know, when your brother/sister was your age…” you’re beginning to think it’s the only eight words in their vocabulary.

3. No one seems to get your name right.

In my family it was Krystal, Penny, then finally April. Really? They had the audacity to name me after a month, and then they can’t even bother to remember it? The nerve!

4. Your siblings are forever playing the “I’m older” card.

“Mom and Dad love me more, because they’ve loved me longer” or “I get to pick the movie because I’m older.” Apparently big brothers/sisters don’t realize age is just a number; in fact they think they’re better than you because they’re older. Well, the joke’s on them—they’ll be 40 before you.

5. You’re always the baby, even when you’re in your 20s.

You’re forever doomed to be introduced as “the baby” despite how often you complain by saying, “Mom, I’m not a baby anymore.” Who knows why we bother? It just provokes them more.

6. People think you enjoy hearing “you’re next.”

Graduations, engagements, and weddings quickly become dangerous territory. Your family starts circling like vultures just waiting for the opportune moment to say, “You know, you’re next.” Yeah, we got it the first time we heard it, so please stop. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

April Davis is Melbourne based writer and student. She’s currently working towards her professional writing and publishing degree and get’s a real kick out of laughing at her own misfortune.

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