I Share A Room With My Autistic Brother. He’s Been Talking A Lot In His Sleep.

I can’t wake up from this nightmare.

We watched the recording the next morning. And afternoon. Most of it was boring (watching someone sleep is even more dull than it sounds) but some crazy things did happen. These are the important things we saw:

[*] Anna dozed off while curled up on her side. Within fifteen minutes, she was lying flat as a board on her back, muscles tensed. “Hi, have we met?” repeated over and over. Then the whisper. “No. Please.” But at the time this was happening, I was awake in my bedroom (actually browsing Reddit on my phone). If Lucas had spoken along with her, I’d have heard it.

[*] Whatever night terror Anna was having continued. She stayed tense for nearly half an hour, whispering the following phrases at random: “Don’t make me,” “Faithful?!” (said with a tone of outraged disbelief) and “He is not himself.”

[*] Anna suddenly sat bolt upright in bed, eyes open and appearing fully conscious. She climbed out of bed, grabbed the chair from her desk, and placed it near her closet. She stood on the chair and reached into her closet, grabbing a small box from the top shelf. She pulled a pen and small piece of paper out of the box, wrote something on it, then put it back.

[*] Perhaps the strangest thing that happened took place not long after she wrote on the paper. She walked to the door of her bedroom, placed her hand on the knob, and pulled it open. But instead of walking out, she slowly turned her head toward the camera. She walked over to it, picked it up, and stared into the lens. Her eyes looked a little glazed, but she appeared to be fully conscious. “What is this?” she muttered. She turned it in every direction and examined it as though she’d never seen a camera before. This went on for about fifteen minutes. “Incredible,” she said as she put it down. She walked to the door, pulled it shut, and retired to bed for the rest of the evening.

The following bullet points are some of our ideas and more information:

[*] Maybe Lucas wasn’t speaking along with Anna’s nightmare this time because he’s getting weaker. That could also explain why the nightmare went on for longer. However, in light of yesterday’s events with Alex (we’ll get there—sorry to keep you in suspense), this is one of the more confusing aspects of the situation.

[*] Anna has absolutely no memory of getting up, writing on the paper, looking at the camera, or any of the other events of that night. However, she does have a vague memory of this recurring nightmare. This is all she remembers: she’s somewhere outdoors, and it’s pretty dark. She can barely see a shadow off in the distance that looks exactly like a small tree. Then she realizes it’s a man, and he’s walking towards her—but she isn’t scared. He’s in a colonial-style suit, and he looks nice. Handsome. He points at something, and she turns to look at it. When she turns back to him, something’s different. He looks the same, but something feels different—her sense of calm has been replaced by a sudden and intense fear. Not very helpful, but unfortunately, that’s all she can remember.

[*] I’m sure you’re wondering what Anna wrote on that piece of paper. The words she wrote are mystifying, to be sure, but we’re even more freaked out by how they were written. See, we paused the video, climbed up into her closet and grabbed the box. We looked inside, and there were at least 20 pieces of ripped up paper—seven of them containing a single written word, thirteen blank. But none of the handwriting was hers. It was a neat, tiny scrawl that looked like it belonged to a boy. The indentation on the back of the paper suggested that the pen was pressed rather hard. We aren’t sure which of the seven papers she wrote last night, but we took a picture of them. We have absolutely no idea what they mean or signify. I’ve also included a picture of Anna’s handwriting for reference.

[*] We’re most concerned by how she looked at that camera. Neither of us really believe in supernatural stuff (at least not in the traditional sense) but it seemed like she had honestly never seen a camera before. Add that to the handwriting that wasn’t hers, and we’ve kicked around the idea that maybe she’s being possessed.

Anyway—back to the comments you made on my last post. Lots of your theories centered on the word “Arian” that Lucas said in his sleep, but we haven’t made any progress on that. I suppose ‘alien’ and ‘Aryan’ are possibilities. I know there’s a football player named Arian Foster, but somehow I doubt he’s involved.

It seemed that your main theory, though, was that Lucas’s friend Alex is somehow involved. You were right.

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