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I Share A Room With My Autistic Brother. He’s Been Talking A Lot In His Sleep.

I can’t wake up from this nightmare.

At the end of Anna’s story, she asked how I knew she was in trouble. I told her about Lucas. She gave the phone to the police officer, and I related what my brother had said to him as well. He asked me and my parents to come to the station in the morning and make a statement.

So, the next morning, my parents took both of us to the station. When we got there, there was a split-second when Lucas (who was completely normal when he woke up, albeit very tired) and Anna looked at each other. Their eyes met, locked on one another’s, and as soon as the moment began, it was gone.

We made our statements, then asked the befuddled police officer, “Now what?”

“Now—” he began, pausing as if wondering the same thing himself—“uh, you can go.” It sounded more like a question.

This is just the beginning of my story, and I’ll type more of it tomorrow. But before I log off, I want to leave you with something Anna said to me later that same night. See, she was still needed at the station after I left, but she came to my place when they let her go. She looked awful. We talked about the police—whether they had a case. She said there wasn’t much of her attacker’s blood and skin left under her nails, but that they were sending what they could salvage to a lab for DNA testing. In the meantime, due to her lack of description there wasn’t a lot they could do other than put the word out, you know, tell folks to be careful.

She said the police questioned her about her savior as well, but she could provide them with no helpful description. Her eyes hadn’t seen much. Her mind, though, had a pretty good idea. “This is going to sound crazy,” she said, “But I know who it was. I know who saved me.”

All at once, the whole crazy situation came together for me. She didn’t even need to say—

“It was Lucas.”

Thank you all for reading Part 1 of Lucas’s story. Your response was overwhelming. (If you haven’t read it yet, you should do it before you read this or you won’t know what the hell is going on.) Without further ado, let me pick up where I left off. I should have enough time to cover the rest of the story in this post. If any new developments arise, I’ll post another update in the future.

So, back to my conversation with Anna, when she told me that she thought Lucas had saved her. As crazy as it sounded, and though I had no idea how, I agreed. Actually, given the circumstances, it seemed like a reasonably plausible explanation. Still, I asked her how she came to that conclusion.

“He looked at me in the police station, and he’s never really even made eye contact with me before,” she said, “but I felt this, like, sensation of being protected or something. I’ve actually been feeling it a lot lately, but it’s hard to explain.” She paused, shook her head, then said, “I want to see him.”

She followed me into the bedroom, where Lucas was on the phone, silently listening to his friend Alex yammer away about God knows what. He didn’t even look at us. Anna asked me who he was talking to, and after a bit of conversation, we pieced together that Alex was her cousin. “I had no idea they were friends!” she said.


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