Confessions Of A Woman Who Only Chases After US Navy SEALs (Or, Confessions Of A ‘Frog Hog’)

Flickr / Rennett Stowe
Flickr / Rennett Stowe

For those of you who don’t know, the term refers to woman who only goes for frogmen aka U.S Navy SEALs. So yes, it is like a “tag chaser,” but far more prestigious. Tag chasers go for any man in the military; a frog hog is only after America’s finest, the best of the best. That being said, frog hogs typically, unlike their tag chase counter parts, are well-educated and good-looking women. With this in mind, 21 year old me decided to pack my bags and move down to San Diego, CA where I could find what I then believed to be the only men who were tough enough for me.

Arriving in San Diego I was fresh out of college, fresh out of a relationship and with the sole intention of screwing as many Navy SEALs as I possibly could. You may be asking yourself ‘How does she know who is a SEAL in a city infested with Naval Bases and military men?’ well let me tell you Navy SEALs are easy to pick out. SEALs are confident, alpha males and do not blend in with the rest of the Navy. For one, you would never catch any SEAL wearing any Navy apparel in public. In addition to that, they all hang out at the same bars, wear Gatorz sunglasses, have a Bone Frog tattoo somewhere on their body, typically wear a G-Shock and some form of American Flag apparel from Forged.

The first time I saw a man that matched all these characteristics I put my plan into action, he was with a girl and I was sitting alone at the bar taking shots. I noticed him looking at me and it may have been my eyes or my very pronounced cleavage that lured him my way. Either way here I was with a frogman in front of me; I was finally getting what I wanted. Needless to say, I went home with him and upon arriving into his room I saw that covered SEAL trident “I was right,” I thought to myself, I was about to hook up with none other than a Navy SEAL. Excited full with expectations that this man in bed with me was somehow supposed surpass every man I had ever been because of the nature of his job, I found myself rethinking my decision. About five minutes into what I was expecting to be the best sex of my life, I found myself to be simply drunk and disappointed. Shockingly enough for me, he was just a guy, like any other. I stopped him and I left, thinking that it was probably just a fluke that the next SEAL I slept with was going to reach my expectations.

Tinder helped me found my second prey, a young SEAL, about 23-years-old and recently checked into his team. I challenged him to a drinking contest. I woke up drunk, naked sleeping on top of a loaded gun and once again disappointed. Long story short: I slept with 25 Navy SEALs ranging from 22 to 37 (years old) in the course of about four months. When Lone Survivor and most recently, American Sniper were released I felt an odd sense of pride that I had slept with tons of these brave men. It took me 4 months, 25 men to realize that they were people like any other, and that their job title didn’t make them any better boyfriends/lovers/hooks up than the rest of the Navy or the numerous Ibankers I dated after my Navy SEAL phase.

I did meet a SEAL I fell in love with and due to my promiscuity with his “Brothers” I lost. That is about the only thing I regret from that experience. I used them and they used me, we both got what we wanted. Although I am happily married now to an investment banker, I still keep a few pairs of gatorz, a Gshock and a few challenge coins to remind me of these men. I thoroughly admire them and support them, I will go as far to say that some of them are my friends, but I will forever remain known as a “Frog Hog.”

TL; DR Don’t screw guys based on their job, they’re people like any other and it’s a bad reputation to have.

Many may call me a whore, and I take no offense for this, I am happy with my sexuality and I find nothing wrong with this. 100+ men, no diseases, no pregnancies and a man that loves me all while knowing this.

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