I’m The “Other Girl” And I Don’t Feel Guilty

Neil Krug / Flickr.com.
Neil Krug / Flickr.com.

Yes, he cheated on you with me. He slept with me while you two were together. I am the Other Girl, and I will not say I’m sorry. He is a cheater. I know this because he cheated on me with her, and then he cheated on her with me. He cheats. He always has, and that is what he does. This isn’t new. This has nothing to do with you. You are just another victim of his inability to remain faithful to one girl. I have my doubts about if he will ever be able to stay faithful. He was in love with me. He fell madly in love with me, and he wanted to spend his life with me. He still cheated. Nothing will stop him from cheating. I am hugely sympathetic for how hurt you are — I’ve been there. However, I refuse to apologize just because I let this happen.

Now your eyes are open. They have now seen him for what he is. You thought he was this decent guy you could show off to all of your friends from your hometown. You liked to flaunt him on social media, and you thought he was the perfect boy toy. What you didn’t know was that he was texting me the entire time. He was telling me how much he missed me and still loved me — how he knew that he and I were meant to be. He was doing this while you two were dating, just like he did it while dating the girl before you and the girl before her. It’s a cycle. You were just the girl of the hour. He was going to cheat on you with someone; it was inevitable. That someone just happened to be me.

So, now that you know, I may as well tell you everything. We didn’t just hang out. We had sex. We kissed and talked about loving each other, and we had sex. He won’t tell you that, though, because cheaters lie. Newsflash, right? Along with being unfaithful, he struggles with telling the truth. So, don’t believe when he says he’ll change. He won’t. He’s been saying that he’s going to change for awhile now — for his past four relationships, to be exact. And, well, has he? No. I fully believe that people are able to improve and become better; I’m a full believer that people can change. It’s just that he won’t.

Don’t take him back, is my advice. He will do this all over again; all he has to do is find another Other Girl. And please don’t be mad at me either; at least now you are aware. Some other Other Girls would have never let you in on this secret. They wouldn’t have tweeted about him; they wouldn’t have set up clues for you to discover his true unfaithful self. They would have kept it a secret, just like him. Without me, you would have never knows that he’s a cheater. And not just a cheater, but a cheater who also lies. And that’s why I refuse to apologize. I did more for you than any other Other Girl would have.

I hate that you got hurt, but you must know that this was also inevitable.

Aren’t you glad you’re no longer in the dark? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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