My Boyfriend Cheated On Me, And Then Sent Me This 6 Months Later

I hate my ex boyfriend. I don’t hate a lot of people, but I hate him.

He cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend. And I found out because he broke up with me, to get back with her. It was the worst period of my life, and he knows this.

I pretty much had to get rid of all our mutual friends, because I couldn’t stand to be reminded of him, or happen to be in the same room as either of them by accident.

I don’t think that they ruined my life, but I did then. It felt like my life was over.

And because I was pathetic and desperate at the time, I tried really hard to get him back. I would text and call him all the time, and tell him that I still loved him, and that I wanted to get back together, and that I forgave him. One time, he even came over to my place to “get his stuff” and we ended up hooking up. But the next day, he wouldn’t talk to me, because he was back with her.

He turned me into a desperate, gross person. And after about six months without him, without seeing him or texting him or anything, I finally felt like I was starting to get over him. I didn’t wake up thinking of him, and I didn’t get nauseous at the thought of him touching her. It felt like it was over.

And then I got this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 1.23.02 PM

I didn’t answer him. I didn’t give him the satisfaction.

I asked around, and apparently his girlfriend left him for some other guy. So I guess he’s desperate and horny and feeling really low, and looking for someone to make him feel good about himself. I guess he thinks I’m still that pathetic girl that’s holding onto memories of him, who would give anything to have a message from him, and who would run back into his arms.

But I’m not that girl anymore.

I’ve changed, even he doesn’t know that about me.

Guys: never be like him. Never do this to a girl, no matter how desperate you are to feel better and get laid. Don’t play with her like this, especially not if she’s going to give into you. If he had done this three months ago, I would have played right into it. But I’m stronger now.

Don’t cheat on people. Don’t humiliate them in front of their friends.

But if you do, at the very least, never do this. Please. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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