14 Struggles People Don’t Realize Beautiful Girls Have To Deal With

1. The prettiest girl in the room tends to be the most hated, too. Even if she’s kind and sweet and has done nothing wrong, people become overwhelmed with jealousy and instantly start ripping her apart.

2. Dating isn’t easier. People become too intimidated to strike up conversation, in their own insecurities and doubts start believing that the beautiful girls are out of their league, and so they only get approached by creeps and overly-aggressive weirdos.

3. Girls get cattier if you speak more than two sentences to their boyfriends. You’re not hitting on them. You’re just having a conversation. But insecure girls will immediately jump and remove them from the temptation, as though pretty girls aren’t capable of being self-aware too.

4. People assume they’re unintelligent.

5. They’re always in a tiny spotlight. Their actions are picked apart and their words are constantly used against them. People are always staring, searching for a flaw to make themselves feel better.

6. They can’t be confident without someone perceiving it as arrogance. Beautiful girls cannot know they are beautiful.

7. Nor can they dare say that they think they’re beautiful, lest they be labelled insufferable bitches for the rest of their lives.

8. They are constantly being catcalled; their bodies made commodity.

9. They cannot be successful in their careers without being accused of sleeping their way to the top or having only gotten where they are because of how they look.

10. Friends are quick to make snide, passive aggressive remarks, even if they’re completely well-meaning, kind people, jealousy is an ugly green monster that sometimes possesses even the best of us.

11. No matter who they end up with, people are always going to say “they could have done better.”

12. Their insecurities are immediately dismissed, as though they don’t have the right to be critical or unhappy with their appearance.

13. Friends will avoid going out or taking pictures with them, and will actively make them feel guilty and bad for putting themselves together to go out for a night, as though they’re doing something wrong.

14. They rarely see their own beauty, and aren’t genuinely told that they are beautiful because people assume they already know. Beautiful girls tend to be the most insecure girls, in a twisted turn of events. It’s not easier, being physically ideal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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