10 Signs You’re In A Healthy, Mature Relationship


We’ve all been in that childish relationship where we stay on the phone for hours, text each other back within minutes, fall asleep with the phone barely clinging to the pillow and getting a fit of anxiety if your significant other doesn’t respond within the nanosecond. Here’s how you know you’ve grown out of the childish phase:

1. RESPECT: Respect comes first in a two way relationship. You both respect each other enough to grow as two beautiful individuals together and not one single person attached at the hip. You don’t harp on each other’s decisions, choices, lifestyle and personal space.

2. TRUST: You trust each other enough to not be a stalker – you don’t check his/her phones when they’re in the shower or go through his Facebook or Instagram likes to stalk the girl who chronically likes his pictures.

3. SUPPORT: You compliment the other person on their achievements and don’t ever hold them back from achieving their full potential. You support each other’s hobbies are because let’s face it, it gives you more time to do stuff on your own and ain’t no couple gonna last if you both keep clinging!

4. EQUALITY: It’s the 21st century so get with it! You don’t always expect the other person to perform a specific role or worse yet, conform to the preordained roles of our ancestors.  You spice things up by letting the guy cook a meal or letting the girl pay for drinks.

5. COMMUNICATION: You don’t sit around and sulk if something is bothering you and hope that the other person will magically realize what’s wrong and apologize. You talk about it like two mature people and work it out. You never go to bed angry and always resolve an issue before it gets out of control.

6. STABILITY: You don’t break up every two seconds and get back together. Those immature days are long gone! You stick together even when it gets tough and you don’t run away from every little issue.

7. PRIVACY: You don’t go gallivanting and telling the whole world your life story. You don’t update your Facebook status preaching to the world about your latest fight or tweeting your hatred hoping the words would jump out and poison the other person. You understand the value of keeping your relationship between the two of you and working things out yourselves.

8. SPONTANEITY: You revel in making your relationship more exciting and spontaneous as you grow. You don’t stay at home all weekend long or go to the same places; you thrive for experiencing new things and stepping out of your comfort zone!

9. SPACE: You don’t feel the need to chronically text or call the person every second of the day and night. You know that it’s okay if the other person takes some time to respond. You don’t get angry or throw a fit if they aren’t on schedule.

10. APPRECIATION: You appreciate the little things in the relationship and find the time to say thank you and I love you and you find little ways to show gratitude by buying each other flowers randomly or leaving little sticky notes on the mirror before you head out.


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