An Open Letter To Women Who Sleep With Taken Men

Ibrahim Iujaz
Ibrahim Iujaz


You may think you have won, but you haven’t.

You achieved your “prize” through–by cheating. And like the athletes stripped of their honors and medals, you have been stripped of integrity, dignity and the hope of calling yourself an honest woman.

You may think the words he says to you have never left his mouth before. You should know every syllable is laced with deception. While he was coughing hurtful words about our relationship to you, he was still whispering, “I love you” to me. Even after you two got together.

You may think he left me for you.

In fact, I know the ten-foot tale he tells you and our friends. The truth; I sat him down, confronted him and my fears of being alone, and broke up with him. I knew he was never going to stop himself from having his cake and eating too. In reality, I left him for my own self-respect. And though my heart sank to depths I didn’t know existed, I found it again with time, healing and the realization that you two deserve each other, and I deserve much better.

You may think your relationship with him will be different. Friends comfort me with the promise that he will only hurt you the way he hurt me. And maybe that promise will be the only one not broken in this whole “mess,” but I believe you are the culprit in this “relationship.” You are the bad karma he has earned.

You may just see me as a bitter ex. Yes, I am a woman scorned, scarred, bruised and exhausted from screaming my side of the story. I am also a woman who has something you don’t: peace of mind. You will always have the burden of knowing you had to attained your partner through manipulation. But you made your bed, so fuck in it.

And as they say to the athletes stripped of their honors and medals; cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.

Best regards,

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