37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

7. mauxly

So I called Silent Witness yesterday morning and hadn’t heard a word from the detectives so I figured that they thought it was a false lead, and, I figure that they were right actually. But it doesn’t stop there.

Tonight I was walking home and a plain cloths/unmarked car cop pulled up beside me flashes his badge and said, “Can I have a word with you?”

I said, “You only stopped me because I’m black, right?” I’ve always wanted to use that line on a cop. Like, bucket list desire to use that line on a cop. Perfect opportunity! I’m a lily white lady.

He laughed. He gets out of his car and goes to hand me a flier with the sketch of the rapist. And I say, “Oh yeah! I know! I met that guy ….” and start to ramble on about the homeless starewell guy and the unanswered call from the detective.

He stops me. He says, “He’s not homeless. He lives in this neighborhood. He raped a woman this morning right here.”

Yeah, you aren’t confused. He’s raped since I made the post.

Oh, and yeah, right here is one block from my house. All of the rapes were less than one block from my house.

And I couldn’t have prevented two rapes because what I didn’t know up until an hour ago is that one of those rapes happened last January, and one happened last week, and one happened…oh shit…this fucking MORNING. All connected with DNA evidence. Same guy.

And the cop said, “Definitely NOT a homeless person. He lives here, within a three block radius.”

The cop said he’d follow me home, because, ya know I’m plenty paranoid right about now. But I started off and the cop started talking to someone else. On my one block journey to my front door some guy crosses the street in front of me and starts to head onto the urban trail/ravine. I pause, stop walking, because, that’s a perfect location for an ambush. And…the mother fucker pauses too. Stops and glances back at me.
So I just stand there and wait for the cop to stop talking to whoever and roll up slowly on me in his car, and let him escort me past the trail/ravine.

I’m sure it was nothing. I’m hyper alert and paranoid now.


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