37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

6. BlackCloud9

Im 18 years old and live in Texas.

My mother is bipolar as fuck but you cant tell her that. Its never her, its always you. She makes shit up about my girlfriend constantly. She will take a real situation and make it seem like my girlfriend is being a bitch, using me, playing me, or some other shit, none of which is true.

She wants to make it seem like im a complete dumbass and i will fail in life, she wants to kick me out of the house but my dad is trying to keep me in at least until i can finish my 2 year degree which im starting now.

She would also prefer me to never see my gf, but fuck her. Stupid c*nt can rot in hell for all i care. I am learning to drive and i slowly pull up to an intersection, she screams like im going into the street and literally threatens to beat me, says im an idiot, and will fail college and life. Its like this all the time, and i cant leave. My dad works long hours in the oilfield and he isnt home much. So its really just me and her and my brother most of the time amd he takes some damage too. My dad takes it the worst though imo. Shes fucking crazy.

Im losing it.


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