37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

35. throwaway5855

I am happily married and we have a very healthy sex life but I am increasingly fantasizing about a fetish. I work in a professional setting and my office overlooks the outdoor smoking area of the office park and I find myself just gawking at the sexy women that are smoking. I find women who smoke so sexy that I am feeling an intense physical attraction that I want to satisfy badly. My wife and I are non-smokers and don’t even drink but the thought of having sex with a woman that smokes is beginning to consume my fantasies. What do I do?

36. HaMMeReD

Was at the bar the other night, outside smoking with some friends. Girl comes and asks to sit between us, we agree.

Two minutes later the king of all douches arrives and immediately starts threatening all of us, including the girl. It’s very clear the girl is scared of him and it was clear he was a woman beating piece of shit.
We attempt to diffuse and calm the situation and the guy just won’t stop talking shit. He’s telling us to fuck off, he is verbally berating us and physically threatening us.

Eventually his bi-polar ass settled down and no violence ensued, but honestly regret not taking the guy down. There was about 6 of us, and one of him, and he really was pushing it beyond belief.

I really wish that he pisses off the wrong person and get’s seriously hurt, if society was slightly different or he was willing to throw the first punch, I would have enjoyed that night way more.


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