37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

33. Forgotten-Six

Buddy of mine invited me out to a BBQ the other night for some “good food and drinks, maybe you might see some tits” is how he put it… It’s a fetish group, who consider themselves a “family”.

The guru leader guy is a real charismatic fellow, that everyone defers to. Real hardcore charles manson vibe. They call him the father, with the other members being sons daughters and uncles and shit. As a newcomer I was assigned a pet upon arrival, this hot young thing all roped, locked, and bound up, to be my chaperone for the evening. Was a bit overwhelmed, and had a lot of drinks. Ended up having an intimate kiss with the pet I was assigned just before going(she’s my age). If my wife knew I was there, and didn’t leave at first sign of leather and rope she’d leave me in a heartbeat.


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