37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

32. RedditName

The experiences I have had tell me that in general, there are more ill-mannered, foul, and lazy people who happen to be black than any other ethnic group I have encountered.

Let me preface this by telling you that I don’t inherently hate black people. I had a black supervisor. She was great. I was her right hand. Anytime she needed help or something came up she came to me for assistance or to take charge of the matter. She oversaw a group of us but she always came to me to take the lead. She was a great supervisor. She nurtured my ability to take charge of projects. She provided me with the freedom to grow while making sure I did not step my boundaries. I can not thank her enough and I believe she was pivotal to my growth as a person and in my career.

I also have a close black friend. He is extremely laid back and in many ways I relate to him more than some of my friends of my own ethnicity. We talk about cultural differences often and he never takes offense to my curiosities or my experiences and vice versa. He’s reliable, considerate, well-mannered, and genuinely a nice guy.

My black co-worker is probably one of the most foul, inconsiderate, ill-mannered person I know. She’s actually quite nice to me because I choose to be as distant as possible with her but she drives me up the fucking wall. Two people have sat in my seat before and both of them have quit and I truly believe she has a huge factor into their decision making. Why do I think this? Because I’m thinking about the same exact thing too.

  • She incessantly burps. It’s nonstop from 9-5. It’s really foul and annoying.
  • She sings every thought in her head out loud. If she wants coffee, she will sing “I want coffeeeee, I want coffeee”. If she wants breakfast she will sing “I want breaakfast, I want breeeeaaaaakfast”.
  • If she’s not singing her every thought, she’s singing and humming songs.
  • She talks incredibly fucking loud on her personal and work phone taking personal calls. She also leaves the desk with her cell phone ringer blasting and people seem to call her every moment (non work phone calls). While she speaks in her native language, she always screams out “AHHHHHHHHH”. Why is it necessary to speak so fucking loud? There are other people in the fucking office.
  • She talks on the phone loudly while chewing her food.
  • While clocking out, she will cut the line and just say sorry just so she can get ahead.

No one says anything because she’s just way too much of a hassle to deal with. Such a selfish bitch.

Another black co-worker of mine is quite literally the dumbest, laziest, and selfish person I know. Let me fix that, I can say that about two black co-workers.

  • They put off their work up until the last minute and the supervisors know they can’t finish it in time so the work gets distributed to other group members causing other people to do more work without more pay. They get to just sit back and be useless.
  • They constantly fuck up so that they don’t have to do more work. Even if you lay out instructions step by step, whether you tell them orally or written, they will fuck it up because they just don’t care. They are only at this job to accrue a bigger pension and can’t be fired because the union will protect them from getting fired.
  • One of them constantly bitches about how gay people are scum of the earth and that God will punish all of them. He also degrades women. He looks down upon them and speaks of women just as a means to an end for sex.

I don’t want to be racist. But most of my bad experiences have been associated with black people and based on those experiences I can’t help but feel negativity towards them. I know that it’s not all of them. I know there a many great people who are black. Shit, my childhood hero growing up was Henry “Hank” Aaron. My experiences dictate my opinion. I’m sorry I feel this way. I wish I could be impartial.


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